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Beefcakes : (A Second Chance Feel Good Romantic Comedy)
Beefcakes : (A Second Chance Feel Good Romantic Comedy)

Beefcakes : (A Second Chance Feel Good Romantic Comedy)


4.10 (89 ratings)
Things are about to get sticky...

Neil Evans is a lot of things. He is an ex-Mr. Universe. Ex-Mr. Olympus. Ex-Hollywood stuntman. And Elaina's ex-boyfriend who left her a blubbering mess when he took off ten years ago without even a goodbye. Now Neil is facing his demons, coming back home to help run his mother's bakery while she takes on chemo.

Elaina Dyker was once her small town's wild child. Even now, even as the town manager and the daughter to the mayor, all eyes are on her, waiting for her to screw up. Which is why, she can only blame herself when the cupcakes she ordered (months ago!) for her sister's bachelorette party are delivered by none other than Neil. What should have been a routine delivery turns into utter chaos when the entire bachelorette party mistakes Neil for a stripper.

That single event launches Neil into the headlines yet again, with a viral meme and infests their quiet, lakeside community with tipsy bridesmaids looking to buy the erotic bachelorette cupcakes at his bakery.

But this time, Hollywood's not only knocking on Neil's door—they want Elaina to join him starring in a reality show. Complicating the situation, both of them are swimming in debt. Winning this reality show and the subsequent million dollar prize could solve both their problems.

All they have to do is play nice for a few weeks and pretend to fall in love again.

Shouldn't be too hard, right? Everyone knows, reality television is anything but real...