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Bad King : A Fake Fiance Billionaire Romance
Bad King : A Fake Fiance Billionaire Romance

Bad King : A Fake Fiance Billionaire Romance


4.20 (148 ratings)
Standalone Romance, HEA guaranteed

My parents just put a gold digger's target on my back.

They want me married and they're willing to play hardball by threatening the company I've put my blood, sweat and tears into.

But I'm a Kingsley. And no one knows how to play the game like I do. If all they want is a wedding, I’ll find the fiancée of their nightmares. Too loud, too blonde and ready for a good time.

Let the games begin.…

Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire?
Resumes accepted here.
Must be completely inappropriate.

★★★★★ "Made me laugh and cry... I absolutely loved this book!"

Book 1 - BAD KING - King & Olivia
Book 2 - BAD BLOOD - Jamie & Georgina (RITA® Winner)


Will Decker
A Hot Little Number!

If there was anything wrong with this story it would have to be that it was just too short! The characters were well written, the plot flowed smoothly, there is enough spice to keep it interesting, and even a little sexual suspense, not to mention a clean editing job. A very enjoyable read with lots of passion and no wasted filler.

Never disappointed

I have never been disappointed with Malone. This book is so good. I laughed, cried and fell in love all over again. If you haven’t read any of this writer’s book, I highly suggest you start now. You won’t be disappointed.

Heather carr
Must read

King is the ultimate as...ole. You will instantly fall in love. Olivia is a great compliment to his harsh edges. A must read.

Kindle Customer
Liked it!

I liked it but the book could have been longer. I actually liked the characters and his family. Good reading.


I wanted was a very good read. I couldn’t put my tablet down! I wanted more of their story.

Thank you

I love when an author gives us the opportunity to see the other side of a conversation. And the fact that we were able to find out who Olivia was to Bennett and what her drama was on her side was a really great read. I appreciate the novella and look forward to reading the second one

A quickie

This was more like flash fiction rather than a full length novel. Let’s see how fast we can get from beginning to end while still covering the necessities. This would have had the potential to be really good if it hadn’t been so rushed.

Romance meets sizzle

Loved the character builds and the electricity in the air is so tangible that’s you are compelled to read on and finish! If you want the romance but a little of the naughty sizzle too, then Bad King is it. This author has some other series published too, so if you like this you will enjoy her other work as well.