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The Vegan "Beef" Guide: All the Answers to Win Every Argument About Veganism You Will Ever Need
The Vegan "Beef" Guide: All the Answers to Win Every Argument About Veganism You Will Ever Need

The Vegan "Beef" Guide: All the Answers to Win Every Argument About Veganism You Will Ever Need


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Tired of hearing other people's opinions, but never having the communication skills, or the right words to say to debunk their arguments and WIN THEM OVER? Has anyone ever questioned your choice to be vegan?How many times have you engaged in an argument and just not had the right comeback?Have you ever felt humiliated when people make fun of your lifestyle choice?Armed with the facts and evidence provided by this guide, you’ll soon be on your way to "one-up" anyone who is trying or has been trying to discredit your choices. In The Vegan “Beef” Guide, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:
• How animal agriculture is responsible for climate change, deforestation and ocean dead zones
Twenty-nine of the most commonly used excuses and how to debunk every single one

Dozens of factual argumentations that will help you win every debate about veganism ever

• How to effectively and successfully communicate your point without a hint of nervousness

• The presence of veganism throughout human history

• Scientific, fact-based evidence that is up to date, relevant, and can’t be argued withAnd much more.If you think that discussions with non-vegans are difficult or pointless, then this guide will change your stance on passionate debates. And you’ll perform with such brilliance -- no need to remember difficult facts and figures as the arguments I will provide you with are just that simple, that you’ll never stutter or miss a beat in a conversation about veganism ever again!The Vegan “Beef” Guide will help you get through it and communicate your point effectively, giving others a chance to choose veganism. No beef at all -- just natural goodness.If you want to WIN all your arguments, then scroll up and click the **Add to Cart** button right now.


Christy Henson
Excellent summary for understanding vegan eating

I love how easy this book was to follow and understand. I changed my diet over to vegan/plant based about 5 yrs ago. It was not easy and to this day people always frown at me and ask me why I choose plant base. Well this book is an excellent summary for understanding vegan diet. I would highly recommend this for a starting point, and always continue to learn as you grow with plant base lifestyle!! Lastly this book doesn’t push plant base on you, it simply tells a story of how you could start!! Highly recommend give it a read

Frederick Lucies
I hate justifying why I choose to be a Vegan

I've had many people react with skepticism, disbelief, and even criticism when I say that I'm doing a vegan diet. This book definitely helped me have an intelligent and non-intrusive conversation that helped my friends understand more about my choices and even gave me ammunition to explain and support the reasons for my choice.