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Reunions and Reckonings
Reunions and Reckonings

Reunions and Reckonings


4.80 (26 ratings)

It’s Homecoming weekend for Sweetwater Springs High and the town is bustling with the excitement of an undefeated team and all that goes along with Friday night lights and football in the South. Old friends (and enemies) from near and far are arriving in town for the big celebration.
With her detective boyfriend, the hunky, Hunt Walker, out of town, Glory vows to stay out of trouble, but you know the old saying; “Don’t make a promise you know you can’t keep.”
When the daughter of the man convicted of the town’s most notorious murder shows up on Glory’s doorstep and begs for her help to clear her daddy’s name, Glory’s passion for justice is kindled again. Unfortunately, that kindling sets a thirty-year-old murder case ablaze and she finds herself fighting it with a squirt pistol.
Can Glory piece together enough clues from years past to convince Hunt to reopen the case? Was the right suspect convicted or has the real killer been living life free and easy for the last thirty years? Old secrets have a way of coming back to bite you. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”