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Author Seeking Mountain Man
Author Seeking Mountain Man

Author Seeking Mountain Man


4.50 (90 ratings)

When romance author Aster Hollingsworth takes a long-needed break in search of inspiration, she finds her Alaskan mountain getaway cut abruptly short when a tree meets the front of her rental car during a freak storm.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Aster needs more than a mere writing retreat—she needs help. And fast.

Lucky for Aster, a mountain-man-in-warm-plaid comes to her rescue and inspires her more than any time writing alone ever could.

Lucky for Gray Cooper, this gorgeous wordsmith who blurts out whatever she’s thinking, and intrigues him to no end, might be exactly the kind of woman he’s always wanted.

Sometimes reality can be so much better than fiction, all you’ve got to do is open your eyes and believe.
Author seeking Mountain Man is book 1 of a new 4 book sweet, flirty, instalove series about four big, gruff and tough brothers living their lives on Moose Mountain. The mountain has always provided for these men, and now it’s sending them feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.


An Alaskan snowstorm bring him his soulmate.

This is the 1st book I've read of this author. Totally enjoyed it. Gary and Aster's characters are so likeable, both strong and passionate. Fate finds a way of giving what you need. These 2 meet and life falls into place, love and family. I purchased the full series. Jemma and Cole are next.

Romance books come real.

A virgin romance writer and the man on the mountain. A good short story with all of the steam you could ask for. I would love to read the h’s novels. I will read more by this author.

Beverly Ann McCall
Rescued by Her Mountain Man

Author Seeking Mountain Man is the first book in Marley Michaels’ Moose Mountain Brothers. In this book we meet two delightful and charming characters—Aster Hollingsworth and Gray Cooper. She is a petite and beautiful romance author. He is a rough and tough mountain man and the oldest of four brothers. She tries to overcome a writer’s block by retreating to a remote Alaskan mountain, gets caught in a snowstorm, has a tree crash into her car and is rescued by this sexy mountain man. He nurses her to health and in the process, they fall in love. But will reality set in once the storm is over and the roads are clear? Will Aster get over her writer’s block? Is there love more than an infatuation? You must read this book to see what happens?
Once again, Ms. Michaels has outdone herself. As the first book in her series, she sets the tone for this series. She also introduces readers to other family members and close associates that will soon have their own books. Ms. Michaels creates strong and diverse primary and secondary characters. I enjoyed the rich conversational and internal dialog. Ms. Michaels uses witty banter as part of Aster and Gray’s flirtations. Her use of descriptive language pulls readers into their story. Her descriptions of Aster’s assistant, Jemma, helps readers to conjure up clear picture of a dynamic pixie. As in the other books she has written, Ms. Michaels includes two epilogues with each lead character’s forecasting into their future lives at five- and ten-year intervals. Nice job, Ms. Michaels!

Barbara Van Zandt
Strom and a fallen tree

There a strom a tree falls on her rental he saves her. She has no filter and says whatever on her mind and he loves it. They share hus big bed each on their she thinks she's dreaming about him and shes touching him. They both deve.ope feelings for each other and are together.

M Cease
Funny and sexy short story

This was a funny and sexy short story. I loved the characters. There was a lot of heart in this book. It gave me the warm fuzzies.

Linda Knight
Exciting Read

Aster was having writers block, so she thought a trip to the mountains would do the trick to recharge her batteries. On her way, she got caught in a snow storm, and a tree fell on her vehicle. Gray recued her and took her too his cabin, where she was in and out of it for several hours mumbling story plots out loud. This was Moose Mountain which has a legend "that if you take of the mountain it will provide everything you need". Gray and his brothers always taken care of the mountain. Gray and Aster are instantly attracted to each other and are snowed in for several days. The rest well it became was history. You will not want to miss this book.

Melvena Asa

Wow . Hot is what it should be called. Sexy Mountain man meets his sassy mouth female. Will it be a love of the lifetime or will the mountain take her back.

vicki cummings

Clearly a fairytale, the kind of meeting and love that only exists in stories, this an irresistible, quick read nonetheless.