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A Sweetheart for Sophie
A Sweetheart for Sophie

A Sweetheart for Sophie


4.40 (84 ratings)

A sweet caring nurse. A wealthy driven artist. One unusual offer could see them clashing over more than a sparkly shoe…

Sophie has always stood by her fiancé, supporting his career since college. But after a serious illness leaves her scarred, he abandons her. Stranded with only part-time work, she must take a job as a live-in nurse to survive.

Javier is a talented artist who has invested all his passion and drive to build up his prestigious design store. Business always comes first, just as his successful mother taught him. But when he encounters Sophie arguing with his sales assistant, he’s captivated and proposes something he has never offered a customer before.

Feeling humiliated, Sophie flees into the night, swearing off men forever. Javier soon realizes in his attempt to help that he'd upset her, and his business reputation could be at risk. Conscious that he must make amends, Javier goes on a cross-country journey to find her. Can he convince Sophie she misunderstood his intentions? Or will her fragile heart leave them standing worlds apart?

A Sweetheart for Sophie is a sweet contemporary romance. If you like believable characters, heart-warming journeys, and compelling reads, then you’ll love this uplifting story from author Gillian Mayne.

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Kindle Customer
Don't let a guy define you

A person who is weak will turn on you because he is not strong enough to handle life. A quick book to read when you are short on time and want to read a good book. Life is never perfect, but it's sad when you have to put a person down to explain your bad behavior.

Amazon Customer

Great story with family drama and a love interest. There are lovely scenic descriptions of our beautiful country. I would love to have the heels and top talked about in this story, sounded stunning.

Delightful short read

Really about love building back confidence. Sometimes the things people say after cancer surgery can live on in our minds and color our world. This book deals with how another person’s perspective can change how our mind sees things. HFN romance.

Javier and Sophia

I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend.
Sweet romance and characters are easy to follow.
Book flowed nicely and made you want to read more of her books

Kindle Customer
A really good book.

I really loved reading this book i say buy it and read it and enjoy the story of new love and learning to love is not easy.

Kindle Customer
Great read

Really enjoyed reading Sophie and Javier story. Wonderful love and friendship combined. Will recommend this to all my book loving friends.

Great love Story

I really enjoyed this story and the depth of emotion. I like the way it ended and loved the characters.

Jamie Bee
Breast Cancer Survivor Story Done Right

Having just read a book where I didn't think the author did a good job portraying what it is like for a breast cancer survivor, I was pleased to see this moving, heartfelt, and more realistic look at what it is like. The romance here is certainly front and center, but the glimpses we see of the heroine’s feelings about herself and her difficult past added more depth and emotion than is typical in contemporary romance. I wasn't quite sure what I thought about the hero at first, as he is a bit of a player (or at least had been before he develops a serious interest in the heroine) and I didn't think he treated her precisely right at the beginning (some lying and manipulation). But, as the title suggests, he does end up being a sweetheart. I do have one small quibble. I am a nurse in Oregon, and I've never heard of a nurse being called an “associate nurse” as happens in this book. We are either RNs or LPNs; we work part time or full time. But the title of “associate nurse” I have never heard applied to any of my colleagues. Even nursing assistants are called just that, or CNAs for short. But, all in all, I thought this was a wonderfully well-written contemporary romance.

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.