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Wrecked (A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance) Shadow Sentinels Book 1
Wrecked (A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance) Shadow Sentinels Book 1

Wrecked (A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance) Shadow Sentinels Book 1


4.50 (63 ratings)
You'll never know how strong you are—until you have your heart wrecked.

Four years ago I made a terrible mistake; I trusted the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation. And they destroyed everything I loved.

They killed Connor, my fated mate. They ruined the alpha who had given us both a home when we were nothing but kids. And to save my own life, they left me no choice but to run.

Now I am nothing. Just a drug-dealing wolf-shifter; a link between the criminals of our world and Faerie. But through that link, I seek the only thing left to me; vengeance on those who betrayed us.

Until I get caught.

Thrown into a brutal prison, I come face to face with the agony of my past—in the shape of a powerful alpha Prime. The king of the Were prisoners is one hot SOB, and even in this world of violence and demons, he the most dangerous thing to my survival. The moment our paths cross he makes it perfectly clear; my life is his to control.

"I won't let any other male touch you. You have twenty-four hours to consider my offer."

Suddenly, survival takes on a new meaning. All the fighting skills in the world can't protect me from him. Because this is the deadliest alpha I've ever met, and fate decided a long time ago that he owns my heart and soul.

But I will not give in easily to his powerplay. Because protecting my deepest secret is by far the most important thing of all.

After all, Hell is coming to Earth...and I think it’s looking for me.

Welcome to BOOK ONE in the Shadow Sentinels, a dark, action-packed paranormal romance. If you love Jaymin Eve, Ilona Andrews, Avery Song, C.N Crawford, J R Ward, K. F. Breene, Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh, and Dannika Dark, you’ll fall right into this exciting and addictive supernatural ride PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HEART WRECKED AND YOUR MORALS RUINED! BUY IT NOW!

This series is for 18+ readers only. Please only read if you enjoy sexy alphas, kick-arse heroines who can bring them to their knees, love hot and sexy scenes, have no issues with bad language; and adore a good supernatural story. If you do then dive in and hold onto your knickers (I’m British!) or any other item of clothing. You’re in for a ride!

Reading order:
1. Beginnings
3. Ruin
4. Reign

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