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Wisps: A Steamy Collection
Wisps: A Steamy Collection

Wisps: A Steamy Collection


Welcome to Rahu Island, where all your erotic dreams are about to be fulfilled.


This steamy collection follows the interwoven stories of four women drawn to Rahu for very different reasons. Some for love, some for pleasure, some for a taste of what they've lost - and all of them out for a wild time. These four novellas are full of hot and sweet HEA goodness, so read on to learn more about what you'll discover inside!




Sweet and down on her luck, Veronique wins a fantasy vacation when she's prodded to try out the lingerie at Wisps of You, a chain of women's clothing stores. She sets off to the island hoping for fond memories and a fun time. But when she draws the eye of one of the island's mysterious owners with her kind nature and gorgeous girl-next-door looks, she's about to discover more pleasures than she could have hoped for. A fun, sweet take on the erotica playboy billionaire trope, this story sets up the backbone for what's to come.




A party girl at heart, busty bombshell Mia loves nothing more than a good time. On vacation at Rahu Island, she meets Agustin and Lucius, two high-ranking executives in the company that runs Wisps of You. That's just the beginning, because the powerful men have set Mia in their sights, and they're not willing to let her go. Not without one of the wildest, most passionate times of Mia's life, that is. A hot and heavy story centered around some wild group play, Mia's tale is definitely the spiciest of the bunch.




For years, billionaire Willow Morgan has thrown herself into her work as the CEO of the Siblini Corporation to avoid coming home to her family on Rahu Island. Not that she doesn't miss her brother and her closest island friends, but living there too is the middle-aged heartthrob Angelo, Willow's former bodyguard and driver. Willow's been in love with Angelo for years, but her advances have always been rebuffed with quiet hesitation on his part. Tired of running from her family and her unrequited love, Willow's coming home to either get answers or set her would-be love free, if he truly doesn't feel the same way about her. A sweet story about a woman in her twenties falling in love with a man in his forties, this one's a mostly traditional romance with some hot scenes thrown in for some extra spice.




When her boyfriend gives her a free pass on her two-week vacation to Rahu Island, Jamie decides she's going to try anything and everything she desires. And while she has some fun with Mia and her newfound friends, Jamie finds what she really wants is the island's kindest resident, Rafael. A big man with his heart on his sleeve, Rafael isn't Jamie's usual type, but his charm makes it almost effortless to fall for him. And that's a problem, because in just two weeks, Jamie has to say goodbye to Rafael and Rahu Island. A winding story about discovering who we are and what it is we truly want out of life, Jamie's story is both hot and sweet, the perfect way to cap off this set of novellas.