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War of the Spanish Succession: A History from Beginning to End
War of the Spanish Succession: A History from Beginning to End

War of the Spanish Succession: A History from Beginning to End


Discover the remarkable history of the War of the Spanish Succession...
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The War of the Spanish Succession, which occurred between 1701 and 1714, was fought over who would succeed the childless King Charles II to the throne of Spain. During the early modern era, European countries were almost constantly at war, vying for land, resources, power, and wealth. The succession of the Spanish throne—and everything that came with it—had much of all of those things up for grabs; therefore all of Europe had much to gain, or lose, from the new Spanish ruler. By the end of the war, conflict in Europe was hardly over, but a new, dominant power had emerged.

Discover a plethora of topics such as
  • The World in 1700
  • The Combatants
  • War Breaks Out
  • Queen Anne’s War
  • The War Gets Political
  • The Peace of Utrecht and Treaties of Baden and Rastatt
  • And much more!
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Kathryn K. Sanders
Fascinating European history

This was an excellent brief history of the Spanish succession. It explain complicated issues in a simple and easy to understand manner. After reading this I went back and read the Hourly History book on Louis XIV to get additional perspective of the politics involved. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this book.

Interesting and informative.

Before starting to read this book, I knew the basics about this little war. This book helped put the war into an historical context which helped me understand other events which I have studied and taught about in American history classes. Thanks!

Christina B. Hutteman
Short and Sweet!

I have read about scores of topics because of the many well written Hourly Histories. Great resource for inquisitive minds without the endless hours needed to slog through tedious volumes.

Looking 4 Truth
Good historical perspective

I found this very interesting and informative regarding all the events going on at that time, both locally and globally.

James C. Perry
A disorganized

Who could even follow a chapter of this conv oluted book? A quagmire.

Rick Northrup
This is really the First world war

An easy to un derstand analysis of a period of European history ,when united countries tried to form to be more powerful and rich, by taking from their neighbours. War spread throughout the world as colonies were brought into the fray.

Yanwen Xia
A must read for those who want to understand western culture and the U.S

The book further confirms my understanding of European and the U.S.A, and their belligerent tradition of seeking hegemony through war, so many of them and so easily and eagerly do they get into the war. It reminds me of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars waged recently by the European and the American forces. It's just the continuation of their history. Unfortunately wars generate disasters to humanity.

Kindle Customer

This book is a bit confusing because of all of the names and alliances. What would be helpful is some sort of chart or table.

James Atwell
The building of Europe one war at a time

This is an insightful look at the wars in Spain and Spanish held territory became world wars in the 1600 -1800's and the motivation behind them.

..interesting contribution ...

There is a lot of information crammed into this read - however: it does tend to cover ancillary countries and events - apart from Spain itself. …..not all of it is directly related.
Still - another interesting contribution from 'Hourly History'.