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3.70 (117 ratings)
A scuba diver scrapes a piece of coral, and he's dead seventy-two hours later

A young attorney from San Francisco dies from what appears to be natural causes. His encounter with coral leads to a deadly blood infection. ...Except that consulting forensic pathologist, Dr. Jill Quint finds some irregularities during the autopsy.

This story introduces Dr. Jill Quint, a forensic pathologist, eventual private investigator, and vintner. She left the crime lab to grow the Muscat grape in California's central valley to create the perfect Moscato wine. Her toxicology lab in her barn was more for her study of grapevine pests than her work as a consultant, but she found herself using the lab for both lines of work.

Jill soon becomes the next target after she proves that the victim was murdered. Trouble reaches her at her vineyard, and she reaches out for help from her friends who have investigative skills that complement her forensic skills. Jo looks into the finances, Marie looks into the social media of everyone involved, and Angela accompanies Jill to Puerto Rico to view the scene of the crime. Will she stay alive long enough to find the killer?

Read VIALS, the first book in the series that launched the all-female foursome who solve crimes together.