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4.60 (97 ratings)
“I let my inhibitions go, and they fell in the wrong place. I didn’t know he would be my unraveling. I didn’t know he was twenty-five.”

A single mother often lives by certain rules, and Angela Petrov has made certain to adhere to hers: Mom first, career second, and no man will meet her child unless they will be in her life long-term.
However, with her daughter now in college, the company she has worked at for over a decade facing major changes, and no lover in sight, Angela’s life has lost all its carefully construed and configured organization.
When news that the annual, employee, Labor Day party in the Hamptons will still be held, Angela tries to bail out. However, her best friend and coworker, Autumn, convinces her otherwise.
Turns out that, while attempting to enjoy the elite Hampton nightlife with her coworkers, she meets a much-younger, tall, dark, and sexy man who offers her an escape for the long weekend. So, throwing caution to the ocean breeze, she accepts his offer of a true time-out in life, focusing only on time between the sheets with no … strings attached.
What happens when you allow yourself to let go of life’s stresses, release inhibitions, and embrace desire?
You chase regret.

“An exceptionally written novel about a woman with a neglected but golden heart an a man who deserves it. I loved this book for so many reasons, for the message, for the heart, the swoon, but if i had to sum it up in one word, Bass. This book is not just one of my favorites of 2018 but one of my all time favorites.” - Kate Stewart- USA Today Best Selling Author of Drive

“Cinq a Sept is the romance independent women everywhere have been aching for. Bold, sexy and intriguing, MJ Fields brings her ultimate A-game in this beautiful love story filled with swoon and heat.”- Jessica Ruben Author of Rising (Vincent and Eve)