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4.90 (45 ratings)
A big break turns into Tori’s worst nightmare…

Single mother Tori Radnor desperately needs a new beginning, and her start-up venture scores big when she contracts with Aiden Miller’s successful chain. Except suddenly, she and her son become a stalker’s target. Could the charismatic billionaire somehow be the problem—or is he her safest bet?

When a police investigation uncovers that his Poconos store is part of an active drug ring, Aiden is horrified to realize he’s inadvertently put the passionate social worker’s clients at risk. Unfortunately, he’s sworn to secrecy, and their growing attraction only complicates the perilous situation. Inexplicably, the more protective he becomes of Tori and her clients in the workplace, the more the danger ratchets up.

When the unthinkable happens, Tori and Aiden must confront their worst fears—before it all becomes Unhinged.
This is a new beginnings workplace romance between a single mother and a protective billionaire that involves a police investigation and a dangerous stalker. The past threatens, the danger becomes perilous, and the twists keep coming in this emotional, fast-paced romantic suspense that’s both a stand-alone read and the start of a series.
Unhinged is Book 1 in the Unlikely Series, where evil lurks in the most unlikely places…

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Awards and features for Unhinged:

2017 Scéal Award Finalist for Romantic Suspense

Books and Benches’s “10 Books We Think You Should Read This Fall” List

JB Schroeder is known for heart-stopping, emotional romantic suspense with shocking twists!