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True North (North Brothers)
True North (North Brothers)

True North (North Brothers)


4.50 (364 ratings)
It might be a fake date, but what if he’s not faking it?

Loner Cole North has always been the odd guy out. His IQ is sky-high, but he’s not so bright when it comes to people or relationships. Years ago, he spurned expectations, shunned his family’s business, and embraced a career in construction instead. Now he values his job above everything, in part because of his secret feelings for his boss, Sierra. While he could never be right for her personally, he endeavors to be exactly what she needs professionally.

Remodeler Sierra Lowell might be creative, hardworking, and a color-outside-the-lines thinker in her job, but there’s one line she’s never crossed. It’s tough enough to be a woman in a man’s job without adding sex or emotions to the mix. Smart, sexy Cole is without question her right-hand man, but the lines get blurred when Sierra's life is complicated with a wedding date crisis and the television opportunity of a lifetime.

Cole impulsively steps up to be her go-to guy for both. When their fake date is interrupted by a family emergency, having Sierra at his side makes him realize there’s a fine line between alone and lonely and that maybe he’s ready for less of both. Can he find a way to go from being a right-hand man to the right man for her?

True North is a stand-alone story with a HEA in the North Brothers series, a spin-off of the Hale Street series.

Immerse yourself in the North Brothers' world instantly!


More like 3.5

Very fun story. I felt some kinship with Cole as I didn't always feel like I fit with my family, either , I caused all kinds of issues and I couldn't wait to get out of high school(although not as bad as Cole). Sierra was a great female lead- hardworking, sassy and smart. I liked she had her own business in a traditional male type of business. I think women can do lots of things men can do and she proves me right in the house renovation field.

Kindle Customer
Nicely done!

I totally enjoyed reading this book. Great storyline and characters. These two love birds captured my attention and the sexy scenes and romance kept my attention. Great job and I look forward to reading more of this author work.



Kindle Customer
This is a well rounded romance novel with all the "feels."

True North was well written, free from grammatical mistakes, and as advertised, a happily ever after. I like that the love scenes were steamy without being too explicit! Leaves something for the imagination. This author is going places!

Kindle Customer
Wonderful story

Hale St series and now this series is a romance readers come true. Great characters that have relatable strengths and weakness. You will enjoy getting to know these characters.

Lisa B
It's a wrap!

Cole will win your heart, Sierra is just what that man needs. I've read a couple of this author's books, and I have to say she doesn't disappoint!!

Cole and Sierra

As a female contractor and business owner, Sierra holds herself to a tough standard and has never mixed professional and personal business. Until Cole, her hot and sexy growly foreman offers to be her last minute fake date. Cole is struggling to move past his rebellious teen years and doesn’t quite feel like he’s relationship material but has always been attracted to his boss Sierra. Sweet, sexy and some great emotional characters with HEA

Angel's Mommy
True North

This was a wonderful start to another series. I also loved seeing old "friends" from Hale Street here. Sierra is the sister to Kennedy. Kennedy is getting married in just a few days. She and her current boyfriend agree that they aren't for each other but he would be there for her as her plus-one for Kennnedy's wedding. But on Thursday, he breaks it off and Sierra is now date-less for the Saturday wedding! Cole North is Sierra's foreman and he has had a thing for Sierra since he started working for her construction company. Sierra has a no fraternization between her, the boss, and any of her workers. While Cole decides to be her plus one, it is just as a "fake" date to get through the reception and dancing. This is the start of the blurring of lines for these two. Cole doesn't do relationships and he doesn't feel that he is good enough for her. Things between these two really heat up but Cole's past gets in the way.

The drama for Cole to deal with an event that shaped his outlook, was one that was deeply touching. I really appreciated having this story being written in the dual POV format. This really helped me to identify with him. I truly felt for him and what he went through.

The "sexy" scenes were few and highly glossed over with no great detail. That being said though, I would highly recommend this one to anyone OVER the age of 18.