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Traitor's Masque: A Retelling of Cinderella
Traitor's Masque: A Retelling of Cinderella

Traitor's Masque: A Retelling of Cinderella


4.60 (360 ratings)
She has one job—attend a masqued ball and dance with a handsome prince.
What could possibly go wrong?

Everything, that’s what.

After years of submitting to her stepmother’s unreasonable demands, Trystan finally has a chance to be free. The promise of a new life, in exchange for her help. Simple, right? After all, the old woman has only asked for one night. One night, one beautiful gown, one dance… and one message to be delivered to a mysterious recipient.

It should be easy. Maybe even fun. Especially when she can slip away into the night after the dance, leaving no clue as to her identity.

But before she can escape the ball, Trystan makes a shocking discovery that leaves all her hopes in ruins. She will be forced to confront two very different princes—and choose whether to betray her kingdom… or her heart.

If she’s lucky, maybe she’ll even survive to tell about it later.

A thrilling, suspenseful retelling of Cinderella, Traitor’s Masque is the first book of the Andari Chronicles, a series of interconnected but stand-alone fairy tale retellings that feature strong heroines, romance, mystery, and deeply satisfying happily ever afters.

Recommended reading order:
  • Traitor’s Masque
  • Goldheart
  • Pirouette
  • Shadow and Thorn
  • Daughter of Lies
  • Interlude (A Short Story of Andar)
  • Path of Secrets



It’s decent. Very wordy. Long descriptions in between dialogue. I got lost quite a few times with what was actually happening as characters talked together because of the inner monologue. If that’s your jam, go for this one. Trystan and Ramsey are delightful characters, even if they go on and on and on.

A good retelling

I enjoyed this book, for the most part. Some spots got tough to get through with pages and pages of inner monolog, but the story was great and the characters were interesting. I had hoped for a little more resolution with some of the relationships, but overall I enjoyed the book.

Amanda Hupe
Suspense and Danger ahead!

Yep! I have decided to dive into another fairytale retelling series! What can I say? I have an addiction. Traitor’s Masque by Kenley Davidson is the first book in the Andari Chronicles and is a retelling of Cinderella. It also narrated by Esther Wane who narrated the Four Kingdoms Series by Melanie Cellier and she is amazing!

Trystan lives in a loveless home. Her father died years ago but now she is stuck with her step-mother and step-sisters. Every once in awhile she is able to escape and go for a horse ride to clear her mind and work through her emotions. On this particular day, she meets a man. He is a bit disheveled, but he can make her laugh. They soon become friends but both agree to not reveal their identities because of their home situations. As her home life gets worse, she gets an offer from her father’s old friend. She needs to attend the royal masque and pass a message to an unknown person. In exchange, she will get a new life. She craves this freedom so badly that she agrees. However, when she attends the masque she realizes she is a part of something dangerous and people’s lives are at stake. She is going to have to make a decision. It doesn’t matter what she decides, her heart will be crushed forever.

YESSSSSSS! This book has the outline of Cinderella but filled with a suspenseful spy story. I listened to this book in ONE weekend. I was addicted from beginning to end and even the ending left me wanting more. Book 2, I am coming for you as soon as I finish The Hero of Ages. The plot of this book has so many layers! One of the best parts is the political intrigue. Donevan or Prince Ramsey is the second son but is the heir to the throne. His older brother has committed too many crimes and is no longer the heir. Ramsey doesn’t want the throne but he is consumed with finding out what is best for his people. He has a great support system! It is heartwarming how he describes his best friends as his brothers. I love the theme that family doesn’t just mean blood relations. Speaking of which, Kyril is amazing. I really hope we get a book where he is the main character. He deserves love!

Ramsey and Trystan’s relationship is so lovable! They establish a friendship first. Their relationship doesn’t grow like typical fairytale books. There is betrayal and danger every step of the way. But goodness, I could listen to Ramsey talk all day. I really recommend listening to the audiobook because Esther Wane is the narrator! Overall, I rate this audiobook 5 out of 5 stars!