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Those Sweet Words: A Small Town Family Romance
Those Sweet Words: A Small Town Family Romance

Those Sweet Words: A Small Town Family Romance


4.70 (254 ratings)
"Kait Nolan's THOSE SWEET WORDS is a beautiful romance about love, life, and what it means to be family. Pru is every woman who's ever struggled and sacrificed to do what's best for her family, and Flynn is nothing short of a dreamboat. I laughed, I cried, and I can't wait for the next Misfit Inn romance!” OFFICER’S EX-WIVES CLUB author PIPPA GRANT

Good old, reliable Pru. Of the four Reynolds sisters, Pru is the natural choice to take on custody of the girl their late mother had planned to adopt. At thirty, suddenly becoming the mom of a teenager means big changes, but Pru's ready to do whatever it takes to adopt Ari. Before she settles down, though, she wants one thing for herself.

Enter Flynn Bohannon, the sinfully sexy Irish musician in town for her sister's wedding. He's led the kind of free, vagabond life Pru can hardly imagine. Definitely not the kind of guy she should be dating, but he's the perfect guy for a crazy fun fling before her life changes.

When Pru proposes a brief, no strings affair, Flynn's not about to say no. But when unexpected complications endanger the adoption, the two find themselves in a phony engagement.

Now they have to convince a sharp-eyed, skeptical social worker, a teen who's too smart for her own good, three dubious sisters, and one protective brother-in-law that Flynn's willing to give up the gypsy life and settle down. But in convincing everyone that this relationship is real, will they convince each other as well?


a lovely Irishman - a great hero

THOSE SWEET WORDS is a standalone read with a happy ending. More tales from The Misfit Inn. There are a few sexy scenes if that is an issue for you. Joan, a foster mother has been killed in a car accident. Her last 4 adopted daughters return to their home to take care of her last foster daughter, Ari and to settle her estate. Pru returns to the Inn to adopt her sister and take up where Joan left off. Three of the girls are grown women with lives of their own. Of course, good ole Pru falls to being the one to take care of the Inn and to be sure her sister by a foster mother is taken care of. Ari is 12 and the last daughter Joan adopted. To be sure she stays in the family, Pru will take care of her and keep the Inn going. The other girls all have a say in things but they are off doing their own thing.

Pru is preparing the Inn for Kennedy's wedding to the local Sheriff. She has her own story but it is her friend Flynn that adds to the current story. Pru is immediately attracted to him but who wouldn't be. He is a gorgeous Irishman with more charm than any one man needs. Flynn is a musician that travels from one gig to another. He was most anxious to leave home and family behind and travel from one band to another. It is the life he wanted and the life he is living. Kennedy traveled with him for a period of time. He looked on her as his "little sister". They were best friends but never romantically attached. When she sent word she was getting married he immediately booked passage to the United States. Kennedy and her new husband immediately took off for a honeymoon so Flynn didn't get a chance to spend any time with Kennedy. So he decided to stay at the Inn longer than at first intended. So, while the honeymoon lasted two weeks, Flynn used the time to get to know Pru and they became lovers.

There are some events that take place that make Flynn and Pru work overtime to get everyone on board with their romance. Some very bossy, controlling sisters and an overbearing brother-in -law make having an affair with Pru rather difficult. There is adventure, lies, fears and love all involved in this story. it is a very good read and I highly recommend it.

I was not paid for this review. I am not a writer nor do I know one. I am not kin to this author. I am a reader and this is my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. 3/21/2021.

Kathy JB
The Irish Gypsy and the Family Rock Meet at a Wedding

The Misfit Inn series is about romance and complications and family (family by love and friendship). Each book is a standalone but is so much better when read in order. In this book the Irish gypsy and the family rock meet and the magic begins. How much did I enjoy it? I read it in one seating (who needs sleep) and will be purchasing the rest of the series soon. This is a fun tale, rich in detail and warm feelings. Bravo!!

I received a free copy of this book via BookFunnel and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Attracting Opposites

Kait Nolan does it again... giving you, the reader another love story within her town of Eden's Ridge.
How sparks fly and opposites attract leaves you knowing that love always finds a way... or does it?
The life of Misty Prubaker is mellow and calm; running her shop happily and going home to her puppy. The barkeep Denver Hershal and Misty find the times they have together interesting and sometimes absurd, but nevertheless attracting.
Read another KN book and fall in love all over agin.

T.A. Fisher
Sweet romance

A sweet and sexy romance with compelling characters and an engaging premise set in a picturesque community. A thoughtful story.

Loved it!

Love this entire series. Pru and Flynn's story is so heart warming. I love the relatiiship between the sisters and in this book Pru wants to adopt Ari, the 14 year old their mother was in the process of adopting. Great read, made me cry a lot. Already bought the next book where Athena meets her love. Excellent series Ms. Nolan.

Angelique Arnold
Amazing book!

The number one way to make me fall in love is an Irish man and a singer, too? Insert swoon because Finn was just perfect. Opposites attract is one of my favorite combos, and I love how Pru and Finn complimented each other. Their connection was quick, but he saw Pru so much clearer than anyone around her and she deserved something just for herself. I loved how it wasn't just Pru that he fell in love with because Ari was a huge part of their story, too, and she never felt like an afterthought. Kait Nolan never fails to bring the emotional roller coaster so I can't wait to start Athena's book!

So sweet, so kind, so tear jerking

After the first book I dove into this one expectantly and I have not been disappointed with what I found. Lovely older sister Pru gets her chance at a happy ending that is simply beautiful from all sides. Sometimes the story and plot may be a little fuzzy, but the characters and emotions run high and fast.

Once again, can't wait for the next!

Jana R. Buxton
Lovely romance!

Great characters with off the charts chemistry! Can't wait to read.more from this author. Heartfelt story telling with warmth and charm.