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Then Home I'll Be
Then Home I'll Be

Then Home I'll Be


4.00 (22 ratings)

Then Home I’ll Be
When wealthy Moriah Wakefield discovers her heart is failing and her life is nearly over, she hires Private Investigator Grant Sanderson to find the son she gave up for adoption twenty-eight years before. Back then, Moriah had been devastated by the murder of her fiancé. In her grief, she had selected the perfect adoptive parents to give her son the best chance for a happy, normal life.
Grant, who was the best friend of Moriah’s fiancé, vows to find her son and reunite them. But when the PI discovers the young man, RT Williams, has served time for manslaughter, Grant is apprehensive about the reunion. He bribes the reluctant RT to meet Moriah, but warns him not to do or say anything to upset his mother. Then Grant decides to delve deeper into RT’s past.
RT is surprised to discover he has an immediate fondness for Moriah . . . and even more delighted to find a growing love for his mother’s personal assistant. He knows this arrangement is only temporary and when the full truth comes out about his past, he’ll be sent packing. Its been made clear to him that he’s only there to give Moriah some peace of mind before she dies. Meanwhile, RT is juggling two lives. One in which he’s the long lost son of a wealthy heiress, and the other, where he’s the poor handyman, raising a child who isn’t really his.
Both lives collide when Grant’s further investigations result in unforeseeable tragedy . . . and RT finds himself on the run.