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The Watchman
The Watchman

The Watchman


4.80 (268 ratings)

★★★ Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2021 ★★★
AudioFile says "Narrator Greg Tremblay re-creates the 1880s as President Grover Cleveland enlists Remy Kincaid, the son of carnies, to help with paranormal activities that are afflicting the American West. Listeners join Kincaid and his horse, Fable, who talks by thought speech, as they travel to Wharton, Texas, searching for kids who vanish, then reappear. Colorful descriptions of the town, its people, food, and gambling add atmosphere. Most appealing are Sheriff McCallister, who personifies the Wild West, and Fable, who advises, rebukes, and saves Kincaid in equal measure. Fascinating historical details, including a touching romance between Kincaid and the vivaciously rendered Dr. Maggie Brown, add interest. Tremblay's gripping characterizations of inhuman mutations created by mysterious experiments make for a heart-pounding listen."
Readers say...
★ "If you enjoyed The Survivalist Series, you'll love The Watchman!" ★
★ "One helluva ride! Unlike anything I've read. Loved it!" ★
★ "A clever mash of X-files and Tombstone."
Description: In 1885, President Grover Cleveland commissioned a special group of agents to investigate paranormal activities plaguing the nation. Unwilling to accept failure, he granted each the authority to operate outside the law. His directive was simple. No rules. No excuses. Just get it done.


Cowboy Supernatural Fiction

I admit I was intrigued but doubtful when I read the synopsis of this book, but I figured what the heck, and started it. I was kind of smirking through the first few chapters but then I realized that it was actually keeping my attention. A few more chapters and I knew this was going to be a good read. An improbable hero, a unique mount, love, kindness, practicality, violence all wind together to make this a great read.

Thanks and well done.

Robert Rags
Truly awesome and totally different read!

The Watchman was truly entertaining to read. Way different than any western I've ever read. Spell binding and hard to put down. The horse character is a great partner to the hero of this story. You will not be disappointed. Great job Arthur!

Amazon Customer
Look out Stephen King

I found this book by accident but absolutely LOVED IT. Beautifully written, lovely story, incredibly evocative. I'm not sure the Survivalist series is my cup of tea -- I'm rather sick of the apocalyptic epic genre -- but enjoyed The Watchman so much that I'm thinking about reading Bradley's previous work, as well. The evil being in The Watchman is unlike anything done before, and is so well imagined and crafted that one ends the book never really knowing if it's actually evil at all... I guess we will see since Bradley promises more books about Remy and his wonderful telepathic horse (but not a horse), Fable. Read it. You won't be sorry.

K. Cross
A Hell of a Good Story

Wow! I enjoyed this book very much. The characters were interesting and the story line was great. Full of action and well written.

Wonderful characters and action.

Looking forward to the author's subsequent books in this new series. Well-done!

Kindle Customer
Loved it

I loved loved loved it. I never write reviews but if this will get me another book. I loved it.

A great read.

I found this searching for Western Horror, my favorite genre. Funny, scary, entertaining, The Watchman's relationship with the other characters and his horse are amazing and the drawings/pics were awesome and made the story more believable. I look forward to any and all books about The Watchman! Highly recommend!

Remy and Fable like Tanner and Samantha

Like many we were very sad to get to the end of his final book in his Survivalist series. I saw The Watchman come up as a recommended read some time ago but resisted. When I noticed it was available for free on Kindle Unlimited I figured I'd give it a shot. Really enjoyed it and hope to see a sequel soon. The banter between Remy and Fable is very reminiscent of Tanner and Samantha which was a one of our very parts of his other series.

I'd still love to see him revive the other series but this looks to be every bit as enjoyable.