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The Secret of the Snallygaster: Washington, DC, USA (Cities of Adventure)
The Secret of the Snallygaster: Washington, DC, USA (Cities of Adventure)

The Secret of the Snallygaster: Washington, DC, USA (Cities of Adventure)


4.40 (8 ratings)
* Innovative and exciting story-based Travel Guides for children! ** Get the kids excited about Washington, DC–whether they are getting to ready to travel there, or visiting only in their mind!Tara and Neil are looking forward to spending a few days exploring the sights of Washington, DC, with their parents. But when a long-hidden family secret is discovered, their fun family trip turns into a frantic race against time to save a mysterious—and magical creature: the snallygaster. Soon the Landers find themselves following clues and solving puzzles that take them through the city’s museums, memorials, and monuments. Can they follow the trail to the end before they run out of time? Will they be able to save their mysterious new friend? Or is the snallygaster doomed?BONUS FUN REFERENCE SECTION ABOUT WASHINGTON, DC AND USA
  • Quick look at American History
  • American English vs British English
  • Local Foods
  • Famous People from Washington, DC
  • Fun facts about USA and Washington, DC
  • Adventure Maps
ABOUT CITIES OF ADVENTUREKeeping kids engaged during sightseeing is a universal problem. One could be holidaying in the world's most iconic cities–full of culture and history–but no attraction holds their attention unless it is entirely child-oriented. Which leads to the familiar scene: adults hopping from one museum or monument to the next, with disinterested children grudgingly dragging their feet behind them.

Cities of Adventure offers a solution! These are 'travel guides' that children can read before visiting any major city–as adults might do–but with a twist! Rather than sharing drab facts, each book is written as an action-packed adventure story that incorporates the spirit of the city, and its main attractions and experiences. Along the way, children discover all the city's landmarks, encounter local residents, learn about myths and legends of the city, and get introduced to the local cuisine and language–all without realising they are learning!

With exciting storylines, memorable characters, fun facts, and vibrant illustrations, each Cities of Adventure book brings a new city to life! So whether they are getting ready to travel or simply want to explore faraway lands from the comfort of their home, children can now experience the world in a whole new way!Written for middle grade readers, aged ~8 to 13. But can be enjoyed by all kids–up to the age of 99, and beyond