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The Peridale Cafe Series Volume 3: Books 9-12
The Peridale Cafe Series Volume 3: Books 9-12

The Peridale Cafe Series Volume 3: Books 9-12


4.60 (103 ratings)

Books Included
9. Birthday Cake and Bodies
10. Gingerbread and Ghosts
11. Cupcakes and Casualties
12. Blueberry Muffins and Misfortune

"This series grabbed me right from the start. I just love the characters!"

When Julia gathered Barker's family at Peridale Manor for his surprise birthday party, she did not expect it to result in murder! Minutes before the celebration is scheduled to begin, Barker's nephew, Luke, is found strangled in his bed, putting an end to Julia's dream of a quiet family get together. Only one of Barker's family could have murdered the young man, but which one?

Thanks to a botched burglary in the village, the police station is clogged up, forcing Barker to go rogue with Julia. He shuts down the manor, vowing to solve the murder before sunrise, but will he be able to pin the murder on one of his brothers or their wives? Julia quickly discovers that each member of his family has a secret, but which one led to Luke's death? In a race against the clock, Julia must dig up the past, but can she uncover the truth without tearing Barker's family apart forever?

The Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery Series is a series of standalone mystery series (but most enjoyed in order as part of the whole series). A light, cozy mystery read with a cat loving and cafe-owning amateur female sleuth, in a small village setting with quirky characters. Written in British English. No cliffhanger, swearing, gore or graphic scenes!

Other books in the series:
1. Pancakes and Corpses
2. Lemonade and Lies
3. Doughnuts and Deception
4. Chocolate Cake and Chaos
5. Shortbread and Sorrow
6. Espresso and Evil
7. Macarons and Mayhem
8. Fruit Cake and Fear
9. Birthday Cake and Bodies
10. Gingerbread and Ghosts
11. Cupcakes and Casualties
12. Blueberry Muffins and Misfortune
13. Ice Cream and Incidents
14. Champagne and Catastrophes
15. Wedding Cake and Woes
16. Red Velvet and Revenge
17. Vegetables and Vengeance
18. Cheesecake and Confusion
19. Brownies and Bloodshed
20. Cocktails and Cowardice


A Tucson customer
Fun read....

Easy reads all. Good character development. Like that they are carried through out the series. Could read in a day or so. Well worth the money..
Just plain enjoyable!!

I've come to love this series & the characters....

Julia, Jessie, DI/author Barker Brown, Alfie, Billy, Sue, Katie, Brian, Dot, Evelyn are all likeable characters who've grown on me. I've now read the 1st 12 books & enjoyed them. I think Julia gets really focused on the murders, Jessie's habit of 'looking down her nose' is maybe getting a bit tired but overall, a delightful cozy series. The 1st book was a surprise birthday party for Barker. Julia 'borrows' his phone to invite his twin brothers & another brother for a family get-together. This turns out to be a bad idea because the last time they were together, a young daughter/niece dies in a car accident. This family has major issues, Julia feels the death of 1 of the family members is her fault for bringing them together. This next book had a lot of gingerbread men being baked for a theater group where Dot made her debut as an actress, she shoots another character to death w/a real gun, not a prop. Julia tracks down who did it & why. Next book has Barker's cottage being bought to tear down & put up a very modern home....this distresses the locals. The fading movie/tv star has some complicated relationships & it also staying w/Julia's dad & step-mom & new baby. Sue, her sister, is very caught-up in becoming the star's BFF. Next book Barker's book is on it's way to being a best seller! During his book launch at the local library, a former librarian who'd left for Spain body falls out of the ceiling. Dot was Mabel's BFF & they wear matching engraved pins, so Dot immediately recognizes the skeleton. Maybe is a Crump & the family has some major issues. In the last book, Barker makes a major change in his life. Briefly, Julia was concerned about Izzy, his PR person but it all works out fine. This is a light-hearted, fun cozy w/a lot of references to baking (no recipes included) but reading about the rich chocolate cake, lemon drizzle, sponge cakes is appealing.

Peggy Lee Dickinson
Worth you time to read this series!

I really like the style of writing the author does plus the twists and turns Re very entertaining. I am reading book 17 now.

Antonia Jennings
Wonderful series

I can't get anything done for reading this series. The books are so well written. The stories wrap themselves around you and pull you in. I love the humor along with the mystery. Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud. These stories are very enjoyable and they leave me feeling satisfied, relaxed and happy. I love this series!

Kindle Customer
Good stories

The characters interesting and share their opinions and problems. I think that I would like to have the recipe for the chocolate they've cake!