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The Next Generation Series: Books 1-3
The Next Generation Series: Books 1-3

The Next Generation Series: Books 1-3


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Saving Meadow
He lives to enforce the law. But he’ll break every rule to protect her.
Nick Clark
I clipped a shiny, new FBI badge to my belt, thinking I could save the world. Four years later, the shield’s got some dents, along with my idealism. And there’s one cold case that’s come back to haunt me.

A killer has resurfaced, and all my instincts tell me he’s after the victim that got away. I’ll break every rule in the book to protect beautiful, scarred Meadow. Because I’ve done the most dangerous, most distracting thing an agent can do. I’ve fallen for her.

Meadow Holiday
I don’t believe in fairy tales. Not after an attack left me a half a woman. But when Nick swears to protect me from my worst nightmare, his charm cracks my resolve to guard myself. One kiss shatters it.

But, like the evil villain in the tale, the killer won’t stop until he finishes what he started. And our happy ending balances on the point of a knife.

Chasing Honor
Money can’t buy love. But a dangerous secret could cost them their lives.
Ethan Lenox
Eight years ago, I was left holding the baby, but I have no regrets. I’m a good single dad
and a good cop. While I haven’t exactly been a monk, dating—and trusting my heart
again—are off the table.

When I catch a photographer snapping pictures of my kid, I go into hyper-protective
mode. But Honor’s pictures are as arresting as her pretty eyes, and when she answers my
ad to rent a room at my house, I begin to wonder if she’s another heartbreak…or a second

Honor Sullivan
Gotta travel light when you’re on the run. Luckily, secrets don’t take up much room. I
need a place to stay just long enough to figure things out, but when I get a look at my
new landlord, my heart flipflops.
Ethan and his daughter are everything I’ve been missing. But just when I’m beginning to
believe I’ve found refuge, my secrets find me. One of which I hadn’t even known I was
carrying. This one could not only get me killed, it could endanger the little family I’ve
come to love.

Finding Mercy
DEA Agent Jason Walker became a widower at twenty-eight. Two years later he’s still torturing himself with guilt. They’d married young, and she’d been his first love, but her illness changed everything. They’d fought a losing battle and he’d held her to the very end. Now he just wants to be left alone with his misery and memories.

Mercy James is no stranger to grief and loneliness. Her brother’s death of a drug overdose, and her police officer father’s death in the line of duty were the driving forces behind her pursuit of a career in the DEA. In spite of—or maybe because of—her past, Mercy doesn’t believe in feeling sorry for others, or for herself.

When a case brings Jason and Mercy together, and their attraction heats up, can her tough, straightforwardness help Jason learn to live in the light again? He’d lost his first love, but is he ready for a forever love?