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The Mountain Man's Temptation
The Mountain Man's Temptation

The Mountain Man's Temptation


4.10 (113 ratings)

I never forgot her. Sweet little Katie Baxter. Beautiful. Innocent. Completely off-limits. Or she used to be—eight years ago. I was twice her age then, old enough to know better than to fall in love with a teenager. But loving her was unavoidable. Raw. Real. All too right to be so wrong.

Cutting myself off from the world and leaving my life behind was the only way to leave her untouched. It’s why I live the way I do now, secluded up in the mountains. More hardened with each passing year. Perpetually alone. Tormented by memories, but free from temptation.

Until the night she gets lost in the wild.

And ends up on my doorstep…

- The Mountain Man's Temptation: An Age Gap Romance
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Too Short

This was more of an essay than a book to me. It could’ve been a great story but it’s skeletal in nature and needs serious fleshing out.

The mountain man’s

Overall I enjoyed the story. Age difference and all. I guess what I didn’t like was the “daddy” and “little girl” verbiage. It just turned me off to the tale.

Theresa Martin
Sweet and hot!

Ezra and Katie knew each other a long time ago. They wanted one other, but it wasn't possible then. Neither forgot the other, and when fate puts them together once again, they're not wasting time, and taking full advantage of this gift.

A quick read, this age-gap romance is a beautiful story. I thought the storyline was great, and even though it was quick, there was plenty story, and I didn't feel the story was rushed. And hot--really, really HOT!

This is the first book in the new Men of Burly Bear series by Felicity Raine.


This is a quick and enjoyable listen. The author is new to me and I found that I enjoyed the writing style as well as the narration. There is a age gap so don’t be surprised if you hear the words daddy or little girl.

Pretty good

Pretty good for a short story. I will say there is a lot of sex steamy sex. This is the first story I read from this author and I think I’ll read another one from her.

Kindle Customer
Too cute

Ezra was more than enough man for his lady. I like these insta love books for the quick and passion filled read. Go Mr. Burly Bear

Kindle Customer
The mountains mans temptation

This story is about a women staring at the daddy figure she's loved since 16 years old and they finely find each other for life

Joan Landrau
Mountain Man's Temptation

This book started really, really good, very interesting, scary and spooky. Then Ezra and Katie find each other again and it's just sex and nothing else. That's why I gave it 2.5. It's very insta love but I understand because it's only 76 pages. It has a HEA.