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The Last First Date
The Last First Date

The Last First Date


4.70 (72 ratings)

Three pitchers of mimosas and one baby shower invite and the next thing I know, my girlfriends and I are making a pact!If I could do it over again-- I would wait:Wait till I was ready-- till I knew what "ready" meant. Wait till I knew myself better, wait till I knew what I really wanted from life, wait for someone special.That's what's going through my mind when my girlfriends and I start swapping war stories about how and when we all played our V-cards-- and what we'd do differently if we could get a do-over.Turns out, I'm not the only one at the table with regrets.So we make a pact. No more going too far with go-nowhere guys. From now on, we're saving ourselves for something special.It just figures the sexiest man I've ever met would show up just when I've sworn off any more flings, because he's only in town for the summer. Is Reagan just another reason we made the pact? Or could this be the do-over I'm waiting for?***Bottomless mimosas, bitchfests, and brunch.That's what we do on Sunday mornings.The Lakeside Laundry & Boat Dock Cafe is the quirky sort of place you'd expect to find in a much trendier city like Seattle or Portland-- or at least some place that actually had a lake.But no. There's no lake, no laundry, and no boat dock but there is a pretty damn good cafe... Welcome to Landsburg and five girlfriends who make a pact to step back, slow down, and get a do-over on their dating history. From here on out, they're saving themselves for someone special.It's amazing how fast the Right One shows up once you're done wasting time on all the wrong ones.***The Last First Date might be about waiting, but it's far from innocent! If you're looking for a wholesome read, this ain't it!The Last First Date is a short read that follows one couple to their happily ever after with no cheating, very little drama, and some scenes guaranteed to make you blush.


Elisa (Nahanea)
“the girl”

The Last First Date is book one in the series The Do-Over Pact by author Rocklyn Ryder. It’s a fast paced read but that doesn’t mean it skips anything. It has everything except the kitchen sink (wink). I absolutely love Rocklyn’s book looks like I’m in love all over again.

Fun characters, great friends and romance to rely on

I'm relatively new to Rocklyn Ryder's books and am enjoying them immensely. The strong, small-town friendships provide a great base for The Last First Date. The variety of characters is fun. Reagan's respect for Molly's commitment to her do-over was powerful and supported the hot romance that followed. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

A Really Good Read!

A fantastic fast pace book one in the Do-Over Pact series. It is well written, well developed, engaging, witty, funny, emotionally deep, interesting, and steamy. The characters are likeable; the chemistry between them is intense, undeniable, and off the charts. Definitely recommended! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Lexee Toste
Fun read!

I really enjoyed this story! It is a fast, fun read that held my attention the entire time. It is a fast moving story and instant connection between our characters. I loved the antics between the characters. I loved the group of friends as well and am super excited to get and read the next one as well.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


When I started reading this book it was a different kind of book for this author to be writing for me to read. Well I can say I am impressed it is well worth the read um enjoying this book let alone have also finished the second book also. Molly and Reagan in this book have really have a history and a lot has went on between them and let alone the pack the girls have between all of them. So read and enjoy as much as I am I can not wait until the third book. I have voluntary read this book. C.

Funny, Sexy Must Read Romance!

What a great first book in a series! I love the while group of friends this book is about. They are all funny and lots of fun. Reagan is sexy and almost too good to be true. I loved Molly and Reagans love story and cant wait for the next book in the series! I voluntarily reviewed this advance reader copy.

The Pact will weed out the one's that aren't serious, but what happens when you meet the one that is

The Last First Date is the first book in The Do-Over Pact series about five young women, Molly, Abby, Sierra, Bailey and Paige, who are all best friends and meet on Sundays for a raucous mimosa filled brunch and a lot of girl talk. During on brunch the topic of saving your V-card for someone special and deserving and a whole lot of "if I could do it overs.". By the end they had made a pact to not have sex with anyone that they were not serious about, so "born again virgin". Well four of the girls made the pact as Bailey being Bailey did not. This book is about Molly and Reagan.
Molly went away to school and got her AA (Associates in Accounting) before she came back home and got a job at Landeburg Lumber. They gave her the job of Contract Supply Liaison with the responsibility of dealing with all the contractors in the area, placing orders and ensuring all deliveries. She does want to go back and get her Bachelor's in Business Finance but she can't afford it if she is not working and if she is working then she does not have the time.
Reagan is in town for the summer to help his younger brother Spencer build out his van so that he can take a great vantastic trip down the coast to Baja. Reagan lives a couple of hours away and has his own successful business of building tiny homes that are on trailers. When Reagan walks into the contractor office trailer at the back of Landeburg Lumber he was ready to order supplies for his brother's build but instead he meets a beautiful young woman who takes his breath away and makes him forget his own name. Before he leaves he asks her out on a date but she turns him down but after she gets off work they are getting to know each other over burgers, onion rings and milkshakes. They are both having a good time and sparks are flying all over the place but for Molly she has the pact, "to not waste time chasing guys that aren't going to stick around". When she shares this with him after they have an electrifying kiss Reagan is okay with it. After all he knows she is "the one" and he is already figuring out how to be her "last first everything"

I loved this book and the premise of the pact among the ladies is great. It makes you wonder what you would "do over" in your life if you had the many to name but then again if you don't take risks you would lead a boring life. The characters are nicely developed and we also get a flavor of each of the four other ladies and Spencer. Things are going to get interesting in the small town of Landeburg with the "new pact" in town!

Margaret M. McGovern
Entertaining and fun romance with delightful characters.

Excellent and entertaining romance and characters. Five friends to out for drinks and consider how none of them found the man of their dreams. As a group they decided no more sex with guys till there's a ring on their finger from the One. It's hilarious at times to see what the women to through to be 'born again virgins'. Reagan is new to town and starting a business. Molly runs the lumber yard so she's going to see a lot of each other and there's a lot of attraction. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I received a complementary copy of this book and chose to write a review.