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The Lair of Anubis: An ancient cult, the hidden tomb of a Queen, and death in the desert...
The Lair of Anubis: An ancient cult, the hidden tomb of a Queen, and death in the desert...

The Lair of Anubis: An ancient cult, the hidden tomb of a Queen, and death in the desert...


4.80 (155 ratings)

An ancient papyrus describing the death of Cleopatra reveals the secret location of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, supposedly filled with priceless treasure. Elizabeth Harker sends the Project team to Egypt, to find out if the tomb and treasure still exist.
It doesn't take long before people start dying. A secret cult has worshipped Alexander as the Sun God for thousands of years, and they're not about to let unbelievers desecrate the tomb of their god. They'll stop at nothing to prevent it.
Nick and Selena are getting older, their bodies starting to show the effects of too many battles and too many wounds. With two children to worry about, maybe it's time to quit. But neither one of them is quite ready to give up the adrenaline fueled lifestyle they've been addicted to for years. It's a decision they need to make soon.
But first they have to get through this mission, with no guarantee they'll survive.


An Adventure At Every Turn

I will miss Nick and Selena. They have a family to take care of and we know the Chinese have not stop chasing them. So, at some point we may hear of them again.

The Lair of Anubis

Nick and the crew are back for more adventures, but will this be the end of the Project? This is twice now that Nick and Selena's kids have been put in danger, and the crew is getting older and feeling the effects of all the times they have been shot and such. But when Selena is asked again to translate a papyrus for a museum it throws them back into there adrenaline filled life that fuels them while looking for the tomb of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra.

This is another wonderful book by Alex Lukeman, full of action, suspense and danger galore. I love these books and this series, the characters have become my book family, it is escapism at its best for me. The wonderful narrator Jack de Golia has transported me to there missions and this audio is no exception. I love that I can lose myself in his voices for the characters and it's like I am right there with them on the mission fighting, hurting, and laughing with them. This is a great book and a awesome audio, I hope he keeps on writing them because the day it comes to a end will be a sad day indeed.

dennis barron
The Pair of Anubis. Alex Lukeman

Anubis, one of the oldest gods in Egypt. The helper of those who died. Alexander the Great was buried with treasures of immense value. His burial site unknown. It's discovery has opened up a proverbial can of worms. An extremely secret society will stop at nothing to protect it's secret. People will die. Nonstop action, an excellent read!! Enjoyed immensely!!

Amazon Customer
Beef up the story lines..

An author and characters I like. Over time, you look forward to see how they are doing in their lives. Story lines are not as robust as the earlier works though.

M. Coulombe

I love the Project books and will continue to read them. Thanks, Alex you are an excellent author and keep those Project books coming. Thanks again.

Excellent read

I have read all of the books in this series and have enjoyed every one of them. The author is able to draw the reader into the story on page one and keeps the reader involved to the end.

David F.
Lukeman keeps them Going!!

I started this series earlier this year and found it to be satisfactory. Keep premise simple and don't complicate with fictional history.

Annette Doherty
Love Alex Lukeman' s books!

Whenever I get New Project Series book I make sure I have plenty of time because once I start the book I know I won't put it down.
Thanks Alex!