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The Horsepower of the Holiday: Glover Family Saga & Christian Romance
The Horsepower of the Holiday: Glover Family Saga & Christian Romance

The Horsepower of the Holiday: Glover Family Saga & Christian Romance


4.70 (432 ratings)
He told her once he wasn't interested in dating her if they weren't exclusive. She's a former racecar driver just trying to find the right man for her at 200 miles per hour. Can Oakley slow down enough to have a relationship with Ranger, or will they both be left lonely this Christmas?

Ranger Glover has worked at Shiloh Ridge Ranch his entire life. In his spare time, he's secretly developed an app for the cowboys around Three Rivers to share their experiences with everything from restaurants to events so they can all impress the women they like with their dating abilities. Too bad he hasn't been able to truly benefit from Two Cents in his own love life.

When he runs into a sobbing Oakley Hatch after an evening out, the chemistry and attraction between them is just as explosive as it's always been. She asks him for a ride home, and Ranger finds he can't say no to that.

He has told her no before, when he learned she was dating multiple men at the same time. He didn't want to be one of them, and he told the gorgeous brunette no.

Oakley Hatch has won more Grand Prixs and amassed a huge fortune from her time on the Formula One racing circuit. She can strap into a racecar and drive over two hundred miles an hour. That didn't scare her. Not having Ranger Glover does. So does telling him what kind of person she'd been while racing cars, as it wasn't anyone to be proud of.

She's ended all of her relationships to try to get back on Ranger's good side, and when he learns that, he immediately asks her out. A date with him is all Oakley wants, and as their relationship speeds forward, all of her secrets come tumbling out.

Ranger handles them like a champ...but he doesn't tell her anything about Two Cents. When she finds out he's been keeping something from her, the betrayal cuts deep—and throws her right back into her past. Can Ranger and Oakley find common ground this Christmas? Or will there simply be too much horsepower in her blood to make their relationship work?


Amazon Customer
Maybe I needed to read the first before this one

Got to chapter six and gave up. Felt like I was missing something. Characters felt shallow, no depth. For me this author is hit or miss. Sadly this one was a miss. Didn’t hold my interest enough to read to find out the big secrets of lead characters.

P. Blevins

The Horsepower of the Holiday: Glover Family Saga and Christian Romance: Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance Book 2 is by Liz Isaacson. This book is just fun to read. There is really no major suspense, it is just telling about the ins and outs of a large but divergent family.
Stone and Bull Glover ran the Shiloh Ridge Ranch together as well as their investments until their deaths. Now their sons and daughters run the ranch and live on it. The ranch itself is huge and runs at about 51 million dollars while each of the children has their own investments and do very well. The average of the we children must be 3-5 million or more. The children of Stone and Bull each has his/her own particular skill which is utilized on the ranch and they live mainly in various houses on the ranch. Some of them prefer to live in town; but still have their portion of the ranch to take care of. Bear and Ranger (cousins) are basically in charge of finances along with Ward; Bishop is in charge of building projects etc.
Ranger has had eyes on Oakley Hatch for some time. Besides having been a championship race car driver, she owns a car dealership in town. However, she has been dating several men at a time so Ranger told her to see him when she planned to date only one at a time. Now she has and is dating only him. Things are moving along quickly with the help of the Two Cents App that has shown up. It is designed to make it easier for a man to date a woman in Three Rivers. No one knows that Ranger is the one who developed it. Will it help in his romancing of Oakley?

Mountain girl
Best yet!!!

This is my favorite of all time from Liz,,,not only was it a great sorry of Ranger and his lady love, but she weaved in all the brothers, sisters and cousins into a cohesive tale of family and community. Liz is a master in fleshing out her books, not just wrapping it up when she hits her word count, like so many romance writers. I absolutely love how she keeps our good Lord front and center in all her books, and writes romance as it should be, filled with respect, honor, and Christian beliefs.

another great Glover family story

This story set in the Shiloh Ridge Ranch universe is another fun, romantic Christmas story. Almost every story in this universe has been a light, enjoyable read- and this one is no exception. Ranger and Oakley find themselves falling quickly in love but they have secrets that could come between them.

A few things I love about this story is how much Ranger is dedicated to finding the one person he wants to be with and he won't let anything stand in his way. When Oakley wants to date multiple men at once, Ranger says no thank you. He is no doormat and Oakley comes to realize how much having that one person to call your own makes a difference. While Ranger does make some mistakes along the way- every relationship has some ups and downs. These two fit so well together and the journey to their happily ever after was such an enjoyable one to read.

Kindle Customer
Good story!

This story did not keep my attention as well as her last in this series. It was a little confusing because so many characters were mentioned.

Kindle Customer
Shiloh ranch

I love the excitement Liz writes In her books. She gives us love disappointment, and a lot of adventure in her. Having such large families produces so much drama and family difference s to deal with.


Could not put it down. Good mystery and romance. Very well written. Kept wondering what would happen next. I would recommend this novel to everyone.

Kindle Customer
Great love story

Love all of the characters. Life on the ranch is just like I would imagine it to be. Great read.

Glengarry Rose
Enjoy Liz’ writing but…

There were two things that kept this installment of Liz Isaacs from garnering five stars. 1) I have a really big family myself but there were so many people to keep up with. The scene with the birthday party on the snowy day had me scratching my head thinking who ARE these people?!? Maybe if I had read the series with the other family first it would have not only made sense but been a delightful reunion of old friends, but since I hadn’t it was just confusing. 2) I thought Oakley ‘s reaction was way out of proportion and petty. I get that she had been burned badly in the past, but, honestly, there was no comparison in my book. Otherwise, another sweet love story with likable characters and good, strong family relationships.