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The Homestead EMP: EMP Survival in a Powerless World
The Homestead EMP: EMP Survival in a Powerless World

The Homestead EMP: EMP Survival in a Powerless World


After an EMP destroys the nation's power grid, a family's strength is put to the test.

With food and water in short supply, people scramble to secure resources. As the crisis unfolds, one family seeks sanctuary at a ranch on the city's outskirts. For Gabby, the only thing worse than failing to reach the ranch is failing to protect his family in this dangerous post-EMP world.


Jim Seals
The Homestead EMP: EMP Survival in a Powerless World - A Great Read!

I love post apocalyptic fiction! This is well worth reading, lots of believable situations, enough action to keep most anyone properly entertained.

Amazon Customer

This story made me want a place to go for safety when the world goes mad. The main couple had a great plan and were ready for this happening but, as usual things can go wrong. Hopefully we won't need a refuge.

EMP- Don’t Expect Any Help From the Government

If this country ever experiences an EMP or even a CME, just know that you are on your own. The story realistically demonstrated that people would quickly turn into worse fools than are currently on display with the looting, rioting, and outright theft. Good character development and just the right amount of tension in the plot to keep the reader interested.


Very good read. Captures the reader and keeps you going. Its hard to believe mankind would sink so low in their neighbors time of need,but if or when it happens hopefully there will be more people like Rick and Gabby than Mason and his group.

Stefan Markovich Bandera
Really entertaining.

The author needs a lesson in U.S. geography. The Chicago area is NOT THE Northeast. Well still a good story. The author also needs to learn the difference between a .22 caliber and a 20 gauge which is a shot gun. The author actually called it a "22" gauge. That is a hoot. Before authors talk about weapons they need to learn a bit so as to not come across foolish, ignorant of worse.