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The Book of Five Rings(Classics illustrated)
The Book of Five Rings(Classics illustrated)

The Book of Five Rings(Classics illustrated)


4.50 (1 ratings)

In "A Book of Five Rings," Miyamoto Musashi takes the reader into a world filled to the brim with devotion, self-respect, discipline, honesty and purity of thought. Written originally for warriors and samurai in a completely different time and culture, Musashi's book provides a remarkable source of inspiration for self-development today. His teachings are concise and to the point. He uses phrases like "you must understand this" and "you must practice diligently" and explains only general, but unquestionable and fundamental, concepts of the Way of the Warrior. While some of his guidelines are are not directly applicable in our time and age, those about striving to achieve improvement on the inside as well as the outside couldn't be more on target. Taken literally this book is about how to become an efficient, albeit enlightened, killer. It's value comes from reading between the lines--lines which speak volumes.


Good Description

Book was as seller described. Dust cover was as described. Good description by seller.

Jonathan Zepeda
Interesting Perception

While this book doesn’t go in full detail of the Way, it still leave a better understanding of the process to obtain it. This is an interesting book from an samurai.

Buy The Book, Just Not This Version

Pros - Cheap, shipped fast, and a good read.
Cons - Very literal translation and riddled with spelling error. If I notice spelling errors then you really have a problem.

A half-dozen prints + Cleary's old translation are hardly a "new illustrated edition"!

It's cheap enough that it's okay if what you want is the classic Cleary translation, but the hype for this book implies that the illustrations will in some way illustrate the text in the manner of martial arts books and manuals. It's printed in large type in what's best described as a coloring book format.


Samurai is more than a fighting style it is also way to be prepared in life when it matters to act quickly amd still protect your self annd others.

A look back into Budo history

This book is not exactly a useable how to for the modern age. However, it’s insight into the past is worth the read.

Scott A. Kinkade

This is a decent translation I think, but there are a lot of typos and errors. More editing should have been done.

M. Price

My son bought this book. I don’t know if he would recommend this or not.