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The Blue Devil
The Blue Devil

The Blue Devil


4.20 (176 ratings)

A historical meleé of masquerades, mistaken identities, chase scenes, spies, and dotty (or are they?) old ladies. Nominated for a Golden Heart Award by the Romance Writers of America, this is Regency romance at its best! You can read the entire second book in the series right now at .



The Blue Devil is a dashing, brooding spy set to catch a traitor who uses a finishing school for young ladies as a base of operations. But he's having trouble keeping his mind on his mission, for one of the students reminds him too much of the mysterious Titania, a fairy queen who fled after they kissed at a glittering masquerade ball.

Kathryn St. David is pretending to be a student at the school in order to recover her dear auntie's lost diary, which contains a scandalous secret that could ruin them both. But she's horrified to discover that her roommate is the ward of the notorious, darkly attractive Marquis of Blackshire--who seems to be keeping secrets of his own. Will he recognize her as the fairy queen and expose her as the lady who kissed him like a strumpet in the moonlight?


This historical romance is the Book One of Melynda Beth Andrews' Regency Matchmaker Series.  It is a traditional, sweet Regency romance, originally print-published by Kensington Books as part of its Zebra Regency line.

You can read the entire second book in the series right now at the author's website: .

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    Please note that the "Mass Market Paperback" edition of this book is an older version that does not contain any of this book's expanded and revised content and is not recommended by the author.  The "Paperback" version does contain the expanded and revised content.
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