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The Auriga Project
The Auriga Project

The Auriga Project


4.20 (108 ratings)
Hurled into the great unknown

Ripped from Earth and transported to a strange new world, archaeologist Eliana Fisk is taken captive by the leaders of a native tribe.

What do they want with her? She’s not sure, but they don’t seem friendly.

When she discovers evidence of an ancient sacrificial ritual, Eliana fears she’ll be next. Can she avoid becoming an offering to their bloodthirsty god?

And how in the worlds will she ever get back home?

You’ll love the fast-paced action in this science fiction thriller. It’s a harrowing tale of survival against all odds, and the gateway to an ancient alien mystery.

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Virginia Beach Flanagans
Good story. Fine read

An interesting mix of science fiction and anthropology. Herron handles both sides well.
An easy read. I look forward to book 2.
For those who may get upset at violations of the laws of physics as we know them, well, just suspend disbelief and enjoy a good story.

Fun and well written science fiction

This story was an easy science fiction read. It was fun to follow the two strands of the tale. There is enough resolution at the end to read this as a stand-alone, but the story raises questions that remain unanswered. The writing and editing are good.

Amazon Customer
Well written.

Interesting plot and characters.

Fast read

I found this book to be hard to put down, the pace of events kept me wanting to see what would happen next. I like that in a good book. The main characters were believable and interesting. Even the bad guys.

Melanie Tomlin

Well written, read it all in one night. Took half the night lol but worth it! Can't wait to read the next one.

Traci C.
Can't read it...

Just started the book and every couple pages a big black symbol (like what it shows on the top part of the cover art) covers a large portion of the page so you can't read the text.

Sean Patrick Alexander
A very interesting blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Archeology, and Mayan Myths.

A very interesting blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Archeology, and Mayan Myths. It will definitely keep you on your toes and reading it to the very end. Great descriptions, and interesting narration. looking forward to Book two.

Almost a standalone but the start of a series.

Without plot spoiler details this is a well written story. Interesting concepts and plenty of unusual action. I will go on tpo #2 in the series.