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The Apple Orchard Mysteries: All Ten Books
The Apple Orchard Mysteries: All Ten Books

The Apple Orchard Mysteries: All Ten Books


4.40 (734 ratings)
Everyone adores Miss May...except the guilty.

In a small town, where neighbors know each other, lawn chairs come out in the spring, and if you sit around chatting long enough, someone brings you pie, there are still skeletons in every closet. Luckily for Pine Grove, Miss May has a nose for crime.

The body was found face-down in the orchard.

Chelsea’s not sure crime-fighting is her strong suit. She’s up at her Aunt May’s farm recovering from heartbreak, after all, trying to forget the guy who left her at the altar. But when cousin Maggie’s fiancé is murdered, Chelsea’s own botched wedding seems like less of a big deal.

Who would have killed him?

The handsome and charming Detective Wayne thinks it’s Maggie.

Miss May and Chelsea know he’s wrong, but they don’t have proof. There’s a killer on the loose in their little town and they’re determined to find the culprit.

You'll adore this big cozy mystery box set because everyone loves small-town mysteries with comedy, suspense and yummy food.

This big box set collection includes the first ten books in the Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Series as listed below...

Book 1 - Apple Die
Book 2 - Cooking the Books
Book 3 - Candy Apple Killer
Book 4 - Berried Alive
Book 5 - Granny Smith is Dead
Book 6 - Candy Slain
Book 7 - Shot Through the Tart
Book 8 - Peaches and Scream
Book 9 - Dread and Butter
Book 10 - The Smoking Bun
Includes Bonus Cozy Mystery Cookbook!

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