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Stop Asking For Water!
Stop Asking For Water!

Stop Asking For Water!


5.00 (3 ratings)
Spoiler Alert: Your kid doesn’t want to go to bed.I know this because neither does my son. He has mastered the art of stalling, but this time we are both going to use our imaginations to turn what is usually a never-ending cycle into a goodnight routine that works…hopefully.Oh, and there’s a dragon, too!Your kid is definitely going to like this book. Dragons and bedtime, what could be better?But let’s get down to what really matters. YOU are going to LOVE this book. Why? Because after reading way too many children’s books (on repeat!) night after night, you deserve a bedtime story that you can actually relate to.Yes, this is a funny kids book but it’s also a funny mom book. Have these two ever existed together? They do now!Imagine, reading at night a funny kids book series that didn’t bore you to tears. Yes, this is a series and this is the first book. I need to walk before I can run, okay?If you’ve gotten this far reading my kids bedtime story books description, then you’re probably close to pulling the trigger. Here’s what this book is going to do for you:
  • Get you and your kid excited for bedtime
  • It’s the PERFECT gift for any parent needing a laugh (funny mom books are the new candles)
  • Fill you with smug satisfaction that your kid doesn’t understand why you’re laughing
  • Allows you and your child to bond over the same bedtime story for two totally different reasons
Best paired with your favorite glass of Pinot Grigio. Or let’s be honest, even a Trader Joe’s wine in a can will do. Whatever it takes to cross the finish line, mama.Because kids bedtime stories should be fun for parents!Finally, a book your kid will like that you’ll actually like too. Just don’t tell them about our inside jokes.xo,Snarky Mom


Bedtime struggles

Ahhhhhh... the endless questions of a not-ready-for-bed child! Kudos for mom's imagination!

francyne foxman

And....I don't even have kids. Still enjoyed reading it. ;) Fun for all.

lori b allen
The book parents of Preschoolers must read nightly!

“(funny mom books are the new candles)”

This description alone made me want to read the book. Such a hilarious relatable read as a mom of a active toddler who struggles with adhering to bedtime rituals most nights. I definitely enjoyed the mom and child bonding in a imaginary way but also understand the mom’s conflict, especially when it comes to desperately wanting to wrap up the night to get her child to sleep on schedule. Or catch up on Bravo TV. The illustrations were adorable and my family looks forward to reading more books that are geared for entertainment towards parents from this Snarky mom author in 2021.

Shannon Geary

This book is hilarious! We all know that bedtimes can be one of the most stressful parts of parenting, but knowing I have this book in my arsenal tonight gives me hope that we can all end up smiling at the end of the day…fingers crossed.