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Stealing Time
Stealing Time

Stealing Time


4.50 (97 ratings)

Shackled and dressed in a neon orange jumpsuit, art thief Cassie Sinatore awaits extradition at Heathrow Airport. An accident with a nearby experimental radar plane throws Cassie back in time, dumping her in a wooded countryside. The rider who discovers her is charismatic, more compelling than any man she has ever met. She chalks up the man’s Regency outfit and odd behavior to the eccentricity of the rich. Or maybe he is just a nutbar, but the man is offering a ride. Lord Ross Kerrington, the new Earl of Drayton, having returned from the wars in 1815, finds the Kerrington family in turmoil, lunatic women who make him consider returning to the army. The alluring woman he discovers in the estate’s Greyfield Woods strikes him as equally mad. The woman wears bizarre attire, acting with a peculiar cheekiness that borders on insolence. Considering the very real dangers a madwoman faces encountering the surrounding inhabitants, he decides to bring her home to safety until he can decide what to do with her. Unexpectedly, his family has other ideas. Faced with the realization she is trapped 200 years in the past, Cassie resolves to win her independence using her cat-burglar skills. Then things get complicated. Against her will, she finds herself caring about the Kerrington family, fighting a powerful attraction to the very proper Ross. Dependent on the Kerringtons’ good will, Cassie finds it increasingly difficult to navigate London society, the family, and even more, her growing passion for Ross. Besides, someone is trying to kill him.



Too silly. Could not get into it.

Courtney N

Cassie is such a strong heroine for any time period, I was really wondering how she was going to fit in Regency England. The author was so clever in crafting Ross as a hero, and showing why Cassie fit his family in a way no one else could. I loved Cassie and Ross, and I also loved the subplot with Ross’s little sister. A great read that will make you smile!

Witty and fun!

Witty, good action and plot. I enjoyed it immensely. Never boring, could not put it down until last sentence. Look forward to a sequel!

Amazon Customer maria g
Awesome read

This book was entertaining and well written. Best time travel book i've read in a while. The only problem I had with it was there was no ending. It just kind of stopped I'm thinking there are some pages missing from Kindle unlimited. Also an IUD? I don't know anything about those but don't they have to be surgically removed? There needs to be an heir right for a happily ever after....idk just something that bothered me. Anyways it was very entertaining read it in one sitting.

Lee Stacy B
love the deft use of language, the fun of cant in the two different eras

please, BW Haggart, write some more books in this or any other genre. You are a gifted story teller, have a great sense of period detail, and a wicked sense of humor. To cap it you can paint a scene as deftly as Patricia Veryan and build your characters like Heyer. I particularly enjoyed the fact that you could convey real passion without boring me with clinical details that, let's face it, all read the same after a few books, no matter how talented an author is. I would vote this book one of the best I've read in the last few years and since I read a book or two every day you have come in at the top ten out of about 2000 titles, congratulations from your new devoted reader. Stacy from HK

Emilia Mahoney
Really, really enjoyed this!

The story has a lot of surprises, twists, turns. The dialogue and the thoughts going through the characters minds got me laughing out loud so many times, especially in the beginning of the book. Fun, exciting, kept me reading on and on…

Kindle Customer
Charming, humorous, engaging.

This is a great story! Cassie had me chuckling all the way through, and I am greatly disappointed that there are no more books by this author yet.

Karen starcher
Great read

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Not bogged down by lengthy cast of characters or overly descriptive narratives. Quick, simple and believable story of time travel with an interesting perspective from both time periods. Humor and devilment abound!