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Speak No Evil: A Midlands Crime Thriller
Speak No Evil: A Midlands Crime Thriller

Speak No Evil: A Midlands Crime Thriller


4.50 (140 ratings)
What happens when someone's too scared to speak? Ex-police officer Sebastian Clifford had decided to limit his work as a private investigator, until Detective Constable Bird, aka Birdie, asks for his help.Twelve months ago a young girl was abandoned on the streets of Market Harborough in shocking circumstances. Since then the child has barely spoken and with the police unable to trace her identity, they've given up.The social services team in charge of the case worry that the child has an intellectual disability but Birdie and her aunt, who’s fostering the little girl, disagree and believe she’s gifted and intelligent, but something bad happened and she’s living in constant fear.Clifford trusts Birdie’s instinct and together they work to find out who the girl is, so she can be freed from the past. But as secrets are uncovered, the pair realise it's not just the child who’s in danger.Speak No Evil is the second in the Detective Sebastian Clifford series. Perfect for readers of Faith Martin, Matt Brolly and Joy Ellis.


Could there be a team?

Web and Birdie make a great team in getting to the bottom of the problem. As characters they are a different as night and day, because of that reason they just fit together. There was a young girl abandoned on a bus bench, with nothing to id her or who she wad, where she came from and what terrible thing happened to she where she just shut down. Everyone tried to find out about her but nothing was found. It has been a year now, Caroline and her husband have been fostering her. They have named her Lilly. Birdie is a police detective and Carolina is her aunt so she knows Lilly very well. The three of them are out shopping and Lilly see something that scares her very badly. Birdie decides she want someone to find out who Lilly really is and what happened! She calls her friend Sebastian Clifford and asks him to look into this case and she will help when she can. So this starts the solving of who Lilly is.

Sandy S
Very amusing book

This book is too funny to be a run of the mill mystery. It's a good read and interesting enough to keep the reader wanting more.

Speak No Evil

Enjoyed every page.Good read. No trouble picking this up every night until I finished it. Look forward to the next.

rochelle fernandez
Speak No Evil

Love love this author and this book didn’t disappoint me, I love the characters in this series they work together and keep the plot of the book and never a dull moment. And now there’s a third one and I can’t wait to read that one.

Ruby's Reads
Great Read

Sebastian (Seb) Clifford, a former DI in London, and DC Lucinda Bird (Birdie) are great characters with a whole lot of chemistry. The story and plot were good enough to keep me turning pages. If you like English police procedurals, mysteries or crime novels, you'll like this book.

Bonnie Ley
Great Quick Read

It was great meeting up with Seb and Birdie again to continue building a bond with these dynamic characters. Sally builds a plot that hooks me from beginning to end of each of her novels.

Where did the child come from?

Sometimes reading a really good mystery that doesn't involve murder is just what is needed! Rigby does well weaving a tale of an abandoned child - using her newest characters, Clifford and Birdie, to resolve the story and help the child find peace. The crazy, easy bantering that DC Bird has with her partners on and off the police force adds a bit of humor and personality to all the characters. Her tenacity to dig deeper into the crime - despite being warned off - shows her passion for resolution. I really like these new characters!

Susan Lucas
2 Heads are Better than 1

I love the character interaction. Great plot. Suspense,drama and intrigue kept me riveted to the book. I love this author’s work. Well written.