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Single Daddy To Go: A Holiday Bad Boy Romance
Single Daddy To Go: A Holiday Bad Boy Romance

Single Daddy To Go: A Holiday Bad Boy Romance


4.30 (126 ratings)
The growly, gorgeous single dad wants more children, and the curvy girl would be the perfect mommy to his kids.

Rob Lockhart’s daughter is in my pre-school class. When he comes in to pick her up, the breath exits my lungs in a whoosh!

After all, the alpha male is growly, gorgeous, and so eligible with intense blue eyes, chiseled features, and a physique that would make an Olympic swimmer jealous.

But one day when he picks up his daughter, his jacket flies opon and I see … ohmygod.

Is that enormous Christmas present for me?

I gasp, growing hot.

Evidently so, because this single dad wants more kids. In fact, he wants a dozen or so to form a hockey team.

A dozen?

The thought makes me catch my breath. I’d be more than delighted to give this possessive, demanding billionaire dozens of children.

But are my curves right for Rob Lockhart?

Or will he be a single daddy forever?

Come and say hello to the most eligible bachelor on the block! This OTT alpha male drives our heroine crazy, but she’s a feisty one who gives as good as she gets. The stork gives our couple a gift just in time for Christmas, and they’re ecstatic to meet the new bundle of joy. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.