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Secret Daddy: A Dark Daddy Romance
Secret Daddy: A Dark Daddy Romance

Secret Daddy: A Dark Daddy Romance


4.30 (162 ratings)

He can sulk and snarl all he wants.
I’m not calling that gorgeous jerk Daddy no matter what.

People think I have it together.
Perfect career. Perfect life.
Except none of it makes me happy anymore.

Enter Graham Stevens.
Former Marine, snarling a**hole.
He’s the kind of gorgeous muscle-head I should avoid.
He says he’s my new bodyguard, but I don’t buy it.
Graham wants way more than just my safety.
He wants every inch of me.
I can’t stand the way he stares at my body.
I know what he’s thinking.
He’s picturing me completely stripped and exposed.

One night, I finally get a taste of what he’s offering…
Now all I need to do is call him Daddy.
And he’ll fill every missing hole in my life.

Secret Daddy is a steamy, over the top older man / younger woman romance! It’s hot where it matters! If you love a snarly, sulking alpa man that just needs to be called Daddy, this one’s for you. Always safe, no cheating, standalone, and a happily-ever-after. Enjoy!!


Short and sweet

Very hot. Loved the bodyguard and pop star angle. She wanted more out of life and to not be treated like glass and he was just what she needed. He gave her honest and raw and just a little pain to balance all the sweet pleasures of life. Loved how gruff and raw he was. So dirty and hot. Cute story. Loved the end.

Iris S.
Another great read

Enjoyed reading this book and reading about the characters and their story. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

No daddy, no anything

Overall this book has nothing to offer: not in plot, characters, erotica, steamy sex or anything else. The “daddy” stuff is all talk – just a half-way alpha dude who thinks he can be a daddy (a legend in his own mind). Spoiler Alerts: A 40-ish year old retired Marine (Graham) plays bodyguard for a 20-something pop star (Katie). Graham cannot be taken seriously as a bodyguard – he has zero basic knowledge of security which is quickly evident in his silly fake-body guard job. But he does know how to throw a punch. Graham and Katie have the hots for each other right off the top – but despite the mutual attraction the sex is more perfunctory than anything else. Katie has a fake boyfriend for media purposes who later turns out to be the bad guy who “stalking” her. But even that premise is flimsy and written poorly.

Older man younger woman

The musician and the ex military bodyguard are on tour with a stalker hanging over them. But their anger towards each other soon changes. This was an easy read. I have enjoyed reading B. B. Hamel’s books and this is another winner.

Caffeine Bloggers
Good Read

It was a sweet little read that gave a view of the not so glamorous side of being famous.
A younger pop star falls for her older ex-marine body guard at a time when both their lives are in transition.

The story is told in a way that flows smoothly from one part to another without a lot of dead space or extraneous material. There are a few grammatical errors but they don't detract much from the story itself.