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4.90 (14 ratings)
Navy SEAL.

Team Leader.


Men are born. Warriors are made. Honor is earned.

I was sixteen years old when I first heard those words from my best friend's father. The Vice Admiral took me in, taught me about integrity, and gave me what I'd never had--a family.

But it wasn't just my best friend and his father who changed my life.

The emerald-eyed blonde with an innocent smile stopped me dead in my tracks. Wanting to be a man worthy of her, I enlisted and became a SEAL. Except not even the Trident I'd earned changed the fact that she was the Vice Admiral's daughter and my best friend's much younger sister. She was strictly off-limits.

Then tragedy struck, and I found myself in the one position I never should've let happen--with my arms around her. Now I had one objective.

Code name: Alpha.
Mission: Retreat.

SEAL is a prequel to ALPHA, the first standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Adam "Alpha" Trefor and the dominant, alpha Navy SEALs he serves with!

The Alpha Elite Series:
SEAL - Prequel to ALPHA, Adam "Alpha" Trefor's story
ALPHA - Adam "Alpha" Trefor's story
VICTOR - Vance "Victor" Conlon's story
ROMEO - Roark "Romeo" MacElheran's story
ZULU - Zane 'Zulu' Silas's story