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Scarred Hero
Scarred Hero

Scarred Hero


4.60 (189 ratings)

He doesn’t deserve love. She disagrees.

I spent the last year of my life trying to get over my injuries and losing my friend.
I knew I was destined to be alone and never even considered that I could have love in my future.
And then I met Hope.
She’s everything I’m not. She’s happy and sees the good everywhere.
While I have seen the very worst in people and know what this world is capable of.
I know she deserves more than me, a man scarred on the inside and out.
But no matter how much I think I don’t deserve her,
One kiss, one night has me wishing for more.
The only question is can she look past my scars and see the man I am… the man I want to be?
And will it be for one night… or forever?


Very short read

This was a very short story but I enjoyed every page. Our military heroes don’t stop being heroes once they are discharged. Their service and scars run deep and sometimes it takes a gentle loving sole to give them hope to go on with their new “normal” lives.

Pain and Love

A quick emotional love story, with a scarred and scared alpha male and a female who knows what she wants and takes it. Gotta love a gal that makes the first move!!
A very enjoyable read

AYA Alminiana
Love this scarred hero

I was pleasantly surprised with Scarred Hero. Hope Ford has been a favorite short story author of mine, and I love all her books even if they have some grammatical quirks. Can’t wait to start the next book in the series!

“I told him I’d bury him if he talked about you like that again.”

Stars: 4
Length: Lunch Break Read
POV: Dual
Series: Heroes with Heart Book 1 (Stand Alone)
Ending: HEA
Re-read? No

"I stare back at her and wait for it – the look of repulsion, pity, and sometimes even fear. But she just keeps smiling, and it takes me by surprise."

In this book, Hope Ford deals with some heavy themes. The wounded soldier is already a tough read but isn't all that uncommon in romance novels. However, the strain being wounded puts on a marriage (not the main characters) is not something I think I've seen before. It was really well done and interesting. I liked seeing Cole really put his own problems aside and help his friends. If I was Hope I definitely would have fallen for him.

Charlene D. Wharton

Scars do not make the man. I love that Hope never saw Cole’s scars, she just saw him. Loved this hero and cannot wait for more.

VR Martin
So good

What an awesome story. Loved the characters and the healing and love they shared. I thought the book was wonderful and had a beautiful HEA! 5 Stars!!

Good short read

I know this was a short read and good short read but I wanted more. Like how is his friend doing. Did Hope father freak out because of Cole, Did she finish school. But it was still a good short read.

Lizette Diaz
Cole and Hope

Absolutely loved this story scarred and completely broken Cole finds kindness in his Hope. A beautiful story of learning to live again after being scarred in service. Love how Hope sees past his scars and they find a beautiful happily ever after. Really loved Peggy and Jeremy too so excited to hear there will be a book for them too. Always a five star read from this awesome author.