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Saving Grace
Saving Grace

Saving Grace


4.50 (89 ratings)
He’s fire. She’s Ice. Sparks will fly, and her greatest source of irritation might just become her saving grace …

Ian Douglas is tired of being set up on blind dates. It seems that everyone wants to go out with a firefighter-paramedic, but no one wants to settle down and get serious. He's looking for something lasting, a woman who will be by his side for the rest of his life. Children, grandchildren, dogs running around in the yard—he wants the whole package, and he's not willing to settle for anything less.

Alicia Teague gave up on romance a long time ago. She's much more comfortable in her laboratory poring over her microscope. Science makes sense in a way people never will, and she appreciates the organization and logic of facts and figures. When her sister Tammy calls from Jackson Hole and tells her about a family emergency, she drops everything and flies out there—but she's less willing to comply with Tammy's second request, to go out with one of the guys from the nearby fire station.

He may be hunky and heroic, but who has time for yet another broken heart?

When Ian and Alicia meet, however, sparks begin to fly. Their chemistry is undeniable, but so is their annoyance with each other. They both want what's best for Tammy, but their goals are completely opposite. It's going to take a whole lot of conversation and compromise to bring this fire under control.

Enjoy all the books in the Jackson Hole Firefighter Romance Series.
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Saving the Billionaire’s Daughter (Intro story)
Saving His Heart
Saving Grace
Saving the Rookie
Saving the Captain
Saving Forever


Martha Levy
Saving Grace

This was a wonderful story about Ian Douglas & Alicia Teaque two people who were suppose to go out on a date but Ian felt he did not want to since he wanted to meet someone on his own.There is so many problems between Alicia losing her job because she knew the building was being on unsafe land, meanwhile Alicia Sister's Bakery burns down because of faulty wiring, so since Alicia no longer had a job she came down to help her Sister & to take her back to Chicago, When Ian met Alicia he Liked her a lot but when he saw she wanted to take her home sparks started between them & as much as he liked her she was not doing what Tammy wanted. But they were finally working it out, she decided to say in Jackson Hole but when they went back to Chicago she found her apartment totally ransacked & as it turned out t was caused by her old boss who was going to shot her but at the last second Ian Hit him & saved Alicia & they went back to Jackson Hole to live together.

Sweet and enjoyable.

Another enjoyable, moving and captivating story in this series. They have all been hard to put down and I can't wait the read the next one. I just wish there was more about what was going on with the previous characters.

Judith Seale
Very good story

Alicia and Ian have very different personalities. They say that opposites attract, but is this the case for them. Read this book to see if so.


This is a good story with many twists and turns that keeps you reading. The characters were likable and interesting.

Saving Grace

Good clean romance. He was tired of blind dates, but then he met the woman his friend wanted to set him up with. Both so hard headed and stubborn, but still the attraction was there.

Saving Grace

I enjoyed this story. Yes, it had a bit of conflict but not a hard as the last book. It also had an underlining kind of a mystery to it that I thought was interesting. I enjoyed how two truly opposite people found common ground in love. Clean, enjoyable, fast, and easy read with a bit of depth. Just what I wanted for a summer read.

Linda R. Dietz
Good clean romance

It is a real pleasure to read romance stories without bad language and sordid details
You will enjoy this author and this series