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4.60 (39 ratings)

Sadie Bluhm receives the letter to confirm she had been chosen to be the mail order bride for Conrad Frazier in America. She is delighted. Growing up an orphan, Sadie relishes the idea she has been chosen to belong to someone.

Conrad lost his wife six months ago. Desperate to find another, he enlists the help of an agency to find him the proper German bride. He needs a wife to continue onto California with the company he has signed up with. He will marry this Sadie, but she will not have his heart.

Will her hope be enough to triumph over his bitterness?

Prairie Roses Collection

Book 1: SADIE by Patricia PacJac Carroll

Book 2: REMI by Caryl McAdoo

Book 3: HOPE by Barb Goss

Book 4: JULIA by Vickie McDonough

Book 5: LILAH by Caryl McAdoo

Book 6: SUSAN by Patricia PACJAC Carroll

Book 7: KATE by Donna Schlachter

Book 8: MINT by Rose Ashly


Kindle Customer
Wagons West

Sadie came from Germany to see a man. They immediately left for California. Conrad had already lost one wife, so Sadie was just his way of insuring he could claim a good portion of land. No love was to be involved there.

Kindle Customer
Very good

A very good, clean story of faith and determination that keeps you on edge throughout the book! Good strong characters and well written!

An orphan finds a home in America.

We are headed to California in 1852, and I enjoyed every minute of this book. Sadie is a strong woman that butted-heads with her new husband of convenience, Conrad Frazier. With her enthusiasm and caring soul, she began breaking down the walls of his heart and it was wonderful to read about. This book contains thoughtful prayers, kindness to others and searches for a fulfilling future. Thanks for a nice read.

Ellen Oceanside

Conrad plans of needing a wife to continue on to Calif. He writes to an orphan girl a hand in marriage, thru an agency for a well bred German girl.with passage to New York .Sadie a chance to belong, and a faith is shown of love, will he except, and how could he refuse. Delightful story.

Kindle Customer
Sweet Read

Author of always writes great book.
Loved the characters and the storyline.
Easy and quick read!
You'll want to definitely read this.

Charlotte G
Spunky Gal meets The Protector

I enjoyed this story. For Sadie she wanted to be loved, as she had been an orphan as a child. She was persistent in showing Conrad love from the beginning. Conrad has never trusted anyone, and has built a wall around his heart because no one has truly loved him. However, Conrad is always trying to protect Sadie, and Sadie has to learn to respect him. My favorite part is when Conrad finally reveals his true passion.

Hilary Simcox

This book was very good. I enjoyed reading it. If you're looking for a light hearted, Christian, wagon train, mail order, romance this book would be a good choice.

I gave this book one star as opposed to the zero it deserves so it will show up on Amazon.

Conrad sent away for a mail order bride from Germany and pick Sadie. She showed up with all the hope and love she wanted to give to her new Austin. Unfortunately Conrad sent away for a wife of convenience little did Sadie know. Not only did he not want a love match he decided to be brusque, Rude and out and all disrespectful. At first sight of Sadie, he was very disappointed at the bride he got. Which totally confused me, because if it’s a marriage of convenience who cares what she looks like. If you’re only going to be router and bark instructions at her why is her looks important? I didn’t like this book at all. I love love mail order bride books, but I am so sick of these rude emotionally abusive men Who sendoff for wives , Only to treat them as if they murdered their dog. Yeah I read these reviews and it’s like this is such a beautiful story… No it wasn’t what is wrong with you people this man was cold, aloof and then when he’s ready to love her you’re like oh good this is so sweet now. No woman is it a multiple choice for a man. You can’t sit around and hope he picks her. He was a jerk. I am all about the rinse lather and repeat of mail order bride box, but when it comes to this trope it really gets under my skin. So out of the box and ridiculous. Not to mention she sounded goofy because no matter what he said she just smiled like a bobble head doll shaking my head. I really like Sadie but the author verse on making her sound mentally challenged. Who smiles that much when the man you married is a jerk. No one!