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Run and Hide
Run and Hide

Run and Hide


4.40 (1 ratings)
This book was previously published by Thomas & Mercer, an Amazon Publishing imprint. Please check your downloaded Kindle books before purchasing.

There’s only so long you can run for your life.

Eva Driscoll is used to chasing down bad guys, but now the bad guys are chasing her. She knows they won’t stop until she’s dead.

After her brother is killed in a faked suicide, Driscoll teams up with ex-soldier Rees Colback, the one person who can help her find answers. Together they’re determined to uncover why members of his Special Forces squad are dying in mysterious circumstances.

But with every agency in the country in hot pursuit, their only choice is to flee.

The clock is ticking. They can’t run forever. It’s time to make a choice: kill or be killed…


Not for me

While this is definitely a thriller and a fast paced story, it didn’t appeal to me on several levels. I’m not a conspiracy theorist so that part left me bored and uninterested.

The story is fairly well written and the author does an excellent job tying all the characters together.

Though the story is first in a series, it can be easily be read as a stand alone. For me personally, I will not be moving on to book 2.

Mels mission
intrigue, political gains by deception

sounds like 2020, from the inside out.Eva plays their game and wins revenge for her brothers death. while exposing higher echolons of political power.

Kindle Customer
Run and Hide

I very much enjoyed reading this novel. The situations were very similar to the world we live in today. The characters were very believable and the action very intense.

Mystery, intrigue, romance, action, this book has it all!

Mystery, intrigue, romance, action, this book has it all! And, it is brilliantly woven into a a story which could arouse some thought on the current state of our nation.

The author weaves an amazingly told story which intrigues your thought process. Fact or fiction??? The descriptive processes paint a movie screen within the text of this book. The character development is top notch! the author provides you the ability to not only see, but feel what the characters are experiencing.. I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

I received a complementary ARC copy of this book in return for a true and honest review.

Long Time AC
Mixed Emotions...

This book is fast action, and slow slow slow. It's like the flow is off. The characters go from in-depth to shallow.
Eva is a superhero and she's up against evil. Big evil, powerful as you'd expect. I'd really like the multiple POV's but they were wrapped up oddly. It was like watching the exact same events in another voice, and that didn't work quite as I'd hoped.

Thanks to Net Galley for my copy​ of this book.

Amazon Customer
Fast paced from the beginning!

Started strong and kept the pedal to the metal! Sets up nice for a solid series with a strong main character!

OK, but not great

I am always encouraged whenever I see a non-traditional hero(ine) in the thriller genre. We are all so used to the ex-SEAL, ex-CIA, ex-Secret Service, ex-whatever that we crave something new. These books are all about something new and riveting after all. Eva Driscoll does not deliver. Perhaps if this book had been written by Gayle Lynds it might have turned out better. It read as though Mr McDermott thought that the job spec "assassin" was gender-neutral. Don't get me wrong. This is enjoyable entertainment and well-written, but not the best he is capable of writing.

Dawn Belladonna Thomas
Great strong woman in a new series

Run and Hide An Eva Driscoll Thriller by Alan McDermott
Book Review by Dawn Thomas

304 Pages
Publisher: Amazon Publishing UK / Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: August 22, 2018

General Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thriller, Spies

Rees Colback was minding his own business when guys jump out of a vehicle and try to take him. He is rescued by Eva Driscoll, a CIA operative. After her brother was killed, she is trying to find out who was behind the hit.

Len Smart and Sonny Blaines work for Tom Gray in the U.K. as security specialists. They are losing contracts to another security firm that continues to undercut their prices. When Andrew Harvey, an agent for MI5 asks them to take a job, they accept. When Eva sees them for the first time, she is disappointed until she sees them in action.

The ESO is an organization of the richest men in the world. They control corporations and countries. The leader, Henry Langston, is not happy and has his sights on Eva Driscoll. She and her team must find ways to stop the ESO before they find her.

The book is written in the third person. The story is fast paced, and the characters are developed. Eva is a strong woman trained in espionage. It is great to see such a woman in charge. I loved this book and quickly purchased the other two in the series! There is another series with Tom Gray, that has tie-ins to this series. It made me really think about political situations and who benefits from world events.