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Red Man's Mesa
Red Man's Mesa

Red Man's Mesa


4.40 (3 ratings)
The fight is on…

Sergeant Clagg M’Glue is well-known as a no-nonsense, to-the-books military man.

For the most part, his men respect him. But a gang of five mischief-makers, spear-headed by Trooper Rhett Coan, are causing trouble.

But as long as they’re a part of his outfit, M’Glue will bring them in line.

In the desert, they soon come across a landscape of bodies, barely a day dead. The arrows in their backs tell a story of an Indian ambush.

But M’Glue isn’t so sure. Some of those men died in gunfire, not just arrows, but who, aside from Indians, could be out in the desert?

They bury the bodies, and on M’Glue’s rigid insistence take the only thing left behind: a US Cavalry gun.

To add to their troubles, they come to a railway settlement in the midst of riot – a drunken fit of Irishmen, trying to burn Chinamen in their huts.

It’s only through gumption and guns that M’Glue, with the help of Trooper Buster Ashe, – a mysterious Texan – manage to quell the rioters and help the Chinamen escape.

But, in a fit of bad luck, the restless Irishmen overhear about the ambush and in an act of revenge, they burn down an Indian village.

M’Glue has fought enough Indians to know that this means war.

The settlers must move on or face certain death by the vengeful tribes. If they travel by darkness, they might just outrun the Indians.

Exhausted and out of options, they rest on a ‘taboo’ Indian mesa but with no hope of rescue and no chance of escaping, they’re trapped.

Unless the wily M’Glue can figure something out…

Set in the old, wild American frontier, Red Man’s Mesa is a classic gun-toting Western, filled with plenty of action, intrigue and suspense for a true page-turner of a novel.

Praise for Gordon Landsborough

'A punchy tale coupled with plenty of action - an engaging read!' - Philip McCormac, bestselling western author

Gordon Landsborough (1913-1984) was a publisher, author and bookseller. Writing tales about the exploits of gun-toting cowboys fighting out on the arid sands of the Wild West, Landsborough was himself a pioneering in the English paperback publishing world of the 1950s. He was widely known amongst his peers as the ‘maverick publishing genius’. His other western adventures include Fortress Jack Rides, Union Soldier, The Dog Men, The Fence Buster, The Stolen Bounty and Boss of the Diamond-O.


Excellent story.

Fast paced Western complete with Cavalrymen and Indians and settlers heading West. The Sarge and the Texan keep everyone moving and mostly alive. Short, but kept me reading to the satisfactory ending.