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Ravyn: A Psychological Thriller
Ravyn: A Psychological Thriller

Ravyn: A Psychological Thriller


3.60 (30 ratings)

Six months ago Coralyne James was found beaten and clinging to life alongside a desolate country road. Left with a rare form of amnesia, she now struggles through debilitating migraines, and nightmarish visions of a life she can’t recall.

During a routine exam, Coralyne meets Dr. Maxwell Hough who is taking the medical world by storm with his breakthrough neurological treatments. Fascinated by Coralyne’s maladies, Dr. Hough invites her to be a part of a medical trial held at his lab in Valdez, Alaska. Praying three months trapped in the deep snow surrounding Ravyn Manor will hold the key to easing her pain, Coralyne agrees.

For reasons, she can’t explain, walking the halls of the manor seems to cause ghostly recollections to claw at the edges of her mind. It’s as if they are leading her to... something. Following their haunting trail, she stumbles onto a series of recordings that reveal a horrifying truth about the respected doctor.

As her blocked memories finally break free, Coralyne is crippled by the fear she’ll never escape the horrors of the Ravyn’s nest.


Mind boggling!

I read a lot & this book has made the top of my list. I waited to read the end, at the same time hated for it to end. I usually know the way a book will end, but not this one. Hats off to Billie Dale. Best psychological thriller ever!

Melanie C

Wow! This story is fantastic! The writing is so engaging and had me hooked from the start.

Billie Dale sure weaves one heck of a story here. I had so many questions going through my head and with each new nugget dropped I was going out of mind with anticipation of who to trust, what to believe, and how is this story going to pan out. A fantastically twisted story filled with suspense and danger that had me on the edge of my seat from the start.

Grabbed my attention!!

I wont spoil anything.

From page 1, I was captivated. It kept me on the edge of my seat and had me rooting for.... haha :)

LOVE this author!!!!

Will read more from her!

Lucinda B
Fantastic book!

This was an absolute fantastic book that will take you on a thriller ride of your life. I loved the story and I could not put it down ! I definitely has some serious twists thrown in and I loved it. I would recommend it to others

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Simply Amazing!

Effing AMAZING is what I thought after I read this book. I got the book in June and said I can read it in early July in time for the tour but I am so kicking myself for not reading it right when I received it because this is one PHENOMENAL PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER! I mean it had me right from page one with all the mystery and what poor Coralyne went through. I mean she suffers from migraines that debilitate her to scary nightmares she can't decipher.

Then she meets Dr Maxwell and everything is about to change for her. He is in the neurology field and offers her help. She has the opportunity to go to Alaska and stay at Ravyn Manor and find out what is bothering her and maybe get her memory back that she so desperately wants.

Only when she gets to the Manor she has worse nightmares and migraines and her visions are showing her something she has no idea about. Will she find the truth out or is danger lurking closer to the surface than she expects?

Great edge of your seat read

Ravyn was a great 5 star read and a great dark story that pulled me right in. It’s been awhile since I have read a dark story that is this good. This is my first read from Billie Dale and I will definitely be reading more.

Caralyne has amnesia from an attack that changed her life. She is on the verge of losing her home and running out of money, she also struggles with severe migraines. While on the way to her Doctor’s office she has an episode and she ends up meeting Dr. Maxwell Hough. Her Doctor invites him into her consultation, he ends up inviting her to come to his home in Alaska for drug trials. He wants her help to find something that may also heal his wife who is in a coma.
This is where things start to take an interesting twist.

There are so many shocking twists and turns with suspense and mystery. All of the secondary characters added a great element to the story. And I was blown away by the ending. I am looking forward to reading more from this author. If you're looking for a great dark read, 1-click and get started today on this book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by Alpha Book Club

Amy B
Wow!! A suspenseful ride.

This is the first time I have read any book by Billie Dale and this will not be my last. I do not know how I had never heard of this author but after reading Rayvn I have no become a fan.
I had no expectations when I first started to read this book but once I started reading I was drawn in from the start and was taken on a mind blowing ride. I must say that right before you get sucked in there is a pause in the story where I had trouble trying to stay involved with the story but once it came back on track OMG it was like a roller coaster.
This psychological ride was done so well that I could actually see it in my mind as if I was watching it on big screen.
The main character in the book is Carolyn is suffering from amnesia after being severally attacked and only can remember the last six months of her life. After being attacked she is debilitated by horrible migraines. At this time she meets Dr. Maxwell Hough a renowned expert in the neurology field. He invites Carolyn to stay at his home in Alaska to be under his care.
This is where the story jumps out of the book and you will be at the edge of your seat!! You will love this ride and you will be totally surprised about what was really happening because you will not see what is coming.
I can not go into more since I feel like if I do I will not stop writing and I will tell the whole story and I can not spoil anything for you.
I was given this ARC for my honest opinion and my volunteer review.
Thank you Billie Dale for this intense read!!!

Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers

WHAT IN THE EVERLOVIN' HELL DID I JUST READ?! I've read Billie Dale before, and really enjoy her writing, but boy did she up the ante with Ravyn! One, because I don't believe I've read anything that comes remotely close to this dark in her stories in the past, and two, she messed with my head good, so bravo Ms. Dale! Ravyn got my attention out of the gate, and kept me in it's grip long after I finished to be honest, which is the sign of an amazing story. I can't really go into the plot, because there would be off chance that I would give something away, plus, I really couldn't do it justice anyway so why try?! I will say this, it's the story of Coralyne James who went through something traumatic, and was left with a rare form of amnesia, which leaves her open for some nefarious things to come after her. Lawd, the twists were insanely turned out, with the turns all twisted up like no tomorrow, so in this instance, my f-bomb dropping had new colorful metaphors to go along with it. It seemed like every time that I would get one question answered, 20 plus more would pop up, so I didn't know which way was up. The best I can do is just say if you're a person who loves a great mind screw, then get to one clickin' immediately! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!