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Raspberry Ripple Murder: A Bitsie's Bakeshop Culinary Cozy
Raspberry Ripple Murder: A Bitsie's Bakeshop Culinary Cozy

Raspberry Ripple Murder: A Bitsie's Bakeshop Culinary Cozy


4.40 (91 ratings)

Bitsie George has always dreamed of owning her own bakery.When she finds herself suddenly single after 27 years of marriage, Bitsie jumps at the chance of fulfilling her dream. The only drawback to her new life as a baker is the dead electrician in her kitchen.

Was the electrician the victim of a tragic on-the-job accident, or is there something much more sinister afoot? It’s up to Bitsie to find out with a little help from her sister-in-law, her recently-retired-from-the-police-force brother, and her too-handsome-to-be-real shop assistant.

It’s not easy finding a murderer when your most compelling clue is a half-eaten raspberry ripple cupcake, but perhaps a pleasantly-plump cupcake connoisseur is the perfect woman for the job.


Tari H.
Short but awfully good (kinda like a cupcake!)

Wow, this short book packed some good punches and even two bodies into the story line. It seemed more of a matter than finding whodunit (I think readers will figure it out pretty quickly), but how the person did it along with all the sneaky things they did. And there was the question of what could a homeless guy, his dog and a bitten-into cupcake have to do with the murder?

I liked that Bitsie went about her questioning in a fairly methodical way, hopefully some of that rubbed off from having a brother who was a semi-retired police officer. I was proud of her for pulling him in whenever she thought she needed some backup too. She also had a couple of other sleuthing buddies in the form of Raina and Nick, so I'm definitely interested in these characters enough to continue the series.

Socrates Book Reviews
Cute Cozy Mystery

After 27 years of marriage, Bitsie George finds herself a single woman at 50. When the opportunity to own her own bakery comes her way, she’s more than a little excited and thrilled with her new venture. Unfortunately, things turn nasty when her electrician is found dead in her kitchen.

Bitsie is determined to find out what happened to the electrician. Was it an accident or murder? She has a big supporting cast to help her from her retired cop brother, her sister-in-law and her handsome bakery assistant. With a little help from all of them, Bitsie sorts through the evidence and tries to come up with some answers.

This is the first book in the series and I found it to be a cute, sweet cozy mystery. It’s a short book, but it’s filled with quite a bit of mystery and drama. There were several suspects and many twists and turns. An enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Murder by any other name

A bizarre accident turns out to be murder. Many different factors come together to create a tangled web of deceit.

Sandra Cook-Bensley
Bitzie's bakery

What does a raspberry ripple cupcake, not one but two murders all have in common? Follow the crumbs of the mystery with Bitzie to find out.

Who Did It?!

Bitsie is left with a mystery in her new cupcake bakery. Who killed Marco!? And why! Was he who he said he was? It’s a raspberry ripple treat to find out. Enjoy!

Susan Clark

This book had so many twists and turns that it was hard to keep up with. I will be reading more b this author. Bravo!

Raspberry Ripple Murder by Abby Byne

In 4H I used to do a lot of electrical work. We were even required to build a lamp – mine hung by my bed for years. Oh, yes, back to the story. Safety first was our mantra. Didn’t Marco know that??? Luke said that Marco wouldn’t have been that stupid. So, I guess it wasn’t an accident. No sibling rivalry Stan – just good deductive reasoning.

Ann Skipper
Lots of twists and turns!

This was a good read! Really enjoyed reading this! If you like women trying to solve the case befit the police do, then read this one!