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Raising Grace: A contemporary Romantic Comedy
Raising Grace: A contemporary Romantic Comedy

Raising Grace: A contemporary Romantic Comedy


3.90 (40 ratings)

**** Raising Grace received a perfect 5-star review and the Crowned Heart of Excellence Award in the April 2019 issue of InD'Tale Magazine. ****

"Ms. Pride is a master at her craft and brilliantly captures the heartbreak and angst that both Crystal and Brent feel, so much so that these feelings are transferred to the reader. " InD'Tale Magazine

In college, I had everything I could ever want: A budding career and the love of my life, Crystal Macintosh. She was my high school sweetheart and my twin sister’s best friend. But one night, a practical joke went bad, and the joke was on me. I lost Crystal that day, and along with her, all I ever wanted. Soon, I had a daughter to raise, but when Grace was diagnosed with autism, her mother took off. I was all alone… until the day Crystal walked into a conference room with the key to my daughter’s success, and the key to my heart. However, convincing her I’m worth a second chance is proving much harder than I ever imagined, and asking her to meet Grace and face the ghosts from our past may be more than either of us are ready for.

Brent Stevenson broke my heart in college. I never knew why he did what he did, but it took years for me to bury the pain — with bad dates, one-night stands, and my passion for working with kids with autism. Just when all my hard work was about to pay off, I discovered the man who ripped my heart out years ago was now the financial investor of my biggest project. Now, I have to convince him to fund my life’s work, and he isn’t going to make it easy. After being assigned to work with his daughter, in his home, I find myself facing some hard truths. The circumstances that drove us apart aren’t what they seem, I’m still in love with Brent, and… I’m falling in love with his daughter, Grace. The baby that once drove us apart, is now the little girl bringing us together.
Raising Grace is a full-length steamy, romantic comedy that will tug at your heartstrings and prove that love knows no boundaries, nor does autism.

“Raising Grace” treats the reader to flawed but relatable characters. This novel is quite compelling and difficult to put down because so much happens in such a short period of time. Ms. Pride is a master at her craft and brilliantly captures the heartbreak and angst that both Crystal and Brent feel, so much so that these feelings are transferred to the reader. - InD'Tale Magazine


Just sad.

Brent and Crystal had a wonderful thing going until Brent's "friends" drugged him, causing him to think the woman lying next to him in bed was Crystal. Well, of course we know what happens and that's where the story ended for me. Cheating is cheating, no excuses at all.

Amazon Customer
Juvenile Writing

I had a hard time getting into this book due to the plentiful use of the "F" word. I pressed on in spite of that because I thought the storyline premise was good, and it interested me. However the writing itself was so juvenile and trite that I gave up and went straight to the predictable ending. In my opinion if you're over age 20, choose another book to read.

You Don't Know
Great read

I really enjoyed this book. Mia is an excellent writer. I look forward to whatever she comes up with next.

Marc Couacaud
Heartwarming and sizzling at the same time!

Raising Grace is a lovely, heartwarming and sexy as hell story that will enchant and inform every reader. Mia Pride's first foray into contemporary romance is equally spicy and wonderful as her historical romances! Kudos!

Typical male

I was being generous giving 2 stars. This book was so full of immature people, but then again the age was from 18 to 25. The the whole deal with Amber was just too much, the way he acted and handled the situation was just sooo wrong. And crystal just accepted it in the end. No way would any red blooded female would put up with the way he dealt with Amber.

Sherry readsbychoice
Learning is well listened

Do you believe in Destiny? Do you believe that things happen for a reason, even if it can, and does destroy your soul??
Brent and Crystal have been together for quite a few years.. not just as friends growing up together, but as best friends. They were soul-connected spirits. One couldn't be without the other, otherwise they just drifted.
Brent has a gifted bright child that he raises because now, she is his life. Grace has a way of grabbing on to you and won't let you go; if she feels and sees the real you. Grace autism and needs someone to teach her how to focus and touch and listen.
Who better to teach her but Crystal, yes Brent's other half the one who left him because of a mistake 6 year's ago.
Crystal is torn she knows how to be professional but can she when she's around Brent?
I could say so much more about this story, but honestly? I'm not sure I can, and give it justice. My heart was being torn for both Brent and Crystal. Then there is precious little Grace, who actually is a loving child just wanting attention and acceptance.

Read the story, it is so very worth it.
I have a nephew who is autistic, so I could really relate with the story, and how families need to be involved, and have awareness.
This was given to me by the author Mia. Thank you Mia I truly loved this book. I believe it can be an enlightenment for those who might have a friend or family member with a child with autism.

One more thing. I just love the cover. A child sitting in the arms of her father, and the father so lovingly holds her as he kisses her sweet head. So very precious.

Kindle Customer
Sweet story

I love stories about heartbreak and redemption. This was such a sweet story. My heart went out to each character and the journey that each one took. I applaud the author for also bringing autism awareness through a great read. I recommend this book.

great second chance romance

I thoroughly enjoyed this story with great characters, romance and intrigue. Brent and Crystal were college sweethearts until a prank at a fraternity party caused them to break up. Brent is left with an autistic daughter to raise. Years later they get a second chance when she is working with autistic children. It is sad at times, but the ending is great. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

Alexander's Mommy
I hated this book

I honestly don’t know how crystal could be with him after what he did. She should have forgave him and moved on because there is no way I could have been with the man after everything that happened

Raising Grace

This was a second chance story. They had been sweethearts since they were sixteen. But shortly after going to college they broke up due to a prank. He hadn't seen her since. Now they are needing to work together so that her company's newest business idea gets off the ground. His company has the backing needed. Can he get her to forgive him for what happened back then? Can she accept his daughter?

Another Great Story from Mia Pride

Mia Pride knows how to grab you and keep the story moving. She is a wonderful storyteller, and she proves it again with this offering.