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Purrfect Secret
Purrfect Secret

Purrfect Secret


4.50 (147 ratings)
R.I.P.ped From The Headlines

When Dick Dickerson, notorious editor of the National Star, is found drowned in duck dung, the investigation quickly gets mired down when trying to figure out who’s behind the attack on the tabloid kingpin. Politicians, movie stars and captains of industry consistently found themselves in Dickerson’s crosshairs, but who would stoop so low as murder?

While Odelia Poole and Detective Chase Kingsley conduct their investigation, Odelia’s cat coterie is up in arms when a newcomer turns the peaceful town of Hampton Cove into a soap opera of gossip, scandal and secrets. Soon the ‘Fab Four’ (Max, Dooley, Harriet and Brutus) are duking it out, their friendship in ruins, Max’s reputation in tatters.

It doesn’t help that Grandma Muffin is waging a personal vendetta against her son-in-law’s new receptionist Scarlett Canyon, determined to get rid of her long-time nemesis once and for all. Against the backdrop of all this bickering, backstabbing and strife, is it any wonder Max starts to wonder if Dickerson’s killer will be the one that got away?


Theresa L Hartley
Fun read

his is a great read for anyone that loves murder mysteries and cats. Love the characters. Love the cats. Doolie is my favorite,but don't tell Max.

Grandma's gotta go!

I enjoy the Max mysteries very much--I read this one in a three-book collection (vols. 7-9), I note what others have mentioned that Odelia seems not to be so much "with it" this time. I did not mind the political references so much--only that I really did not want to be confronted with tRump in a cozy mystery! Oh well. Grandma has been becoming and in this book really is "mental." She is not amusing--actually she was for my taste never amusing, but this time she jumped the shark! I do agree with many reviewers who were upset about the introduction of Milo and his attempts to destroy the congeniality of the other cats. We'll see if he appears in future entries in the series (oh yes, I intend to keep reading them)!

Editor Drowns in Vault

Someone really wanted to send a message with duck droppings. It had all the markings of a professional job. Meanwhile a lying interloper has the cats at the point of war.

Kindle Customer
Perfect Secret

If you love cats. Or a dog person that likes cats. You well love these books. Another good, funny read.

Kindle Customer
I am up to #8 in this series

Love these series

Kindle Customer
Disgusting use of crooked politics disguised in a "fun" series.

This book ruined this series for me. This book is nothing but a low blow thinly masked attack on our 45th President. I will never read another book by these authors. Your politics disgusted me since most of your supposed satire was mainly based on lies by the "media and democratic machine". Goodbye.

Joann Yanuska
Keep politics out of your books.

I really liked reading these books mostly because I just want from time to time easy reads. I am a cat lover and it was really amusing to read from "a cats point of view." Well, I liked the reads even though they followed a basic writing pattern until I came to this book where the path lead to the president and his outside physical activities and names for his pets I was stunned. I just can't continue to read these books it really did something to me. I know there is freedom of speech but when you are a writer I believe you need to take your audience into consideration and don't rock the boat so to speak. I won't be reading anymore of these books.

mary williams
The most entertaining cats in literature!

I have read just over half of this Purrfect series and I sincerely hope Nic Saint keeps writing them. I haven't read the stories in order, but that hasn't been a problem. The four cats in these stories have such distinct, lovable purrsonalities. As the human for a big red cat of my own, I really wish I could converse with him the same way Odelia talks with Max, Dooley, Harriet and Brutus. Not to mention that the mysteries are light-hearted and entertaining. When the cats discovered that they were neutered (without their permission!), I laughed so hard at their conversation that my husband came to see what was going on. And their initial opinion of kittens, priceless! Great stories!