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Panic at the Pier
Panic at the Pier

Panic at the Pier


4.30 (181 ratings)

After a long year of teaching kids in an inner-city school in New York, Sarah Shores and her rambunctious yellow lab, Rugby, are looking forward to two weeks of beachside fun. They head down to Cascade Cove, Florida, where her eccentric grandpa, Larry, and sassy cousin, Emma, run a pet boutique on the boardwalk.

Antics between Rugby and Emma’s feisty cat, Misty, quickly ensue, but that’s just a small price to pay to spend quality time with her family while preparing the boutique for the busy season. But then her plans are quickly capsized…

Soon after arriving, a mystery unfolds, starting with the washed-up body of a local landowner, a lost corgi carrying an antique locket, and a family secret that may hold the key to the puzzle. Will Sarah be able to wade through the wave of suspects in order to piece the puzzle together? And will she solve the mystery before peak season ends up being a flop?

Join Sarah and the rest of the gang at Larry’s Pawfect Boutique in this fun Whodunit Pet Cozy Mystery Series. So, get nestled in your favorite chair, put on a pot of tea, and escape into the cozy beachside town of Cascade Cove!

For lovers of books by JA Whiting, Jinty James, Molly Fitz, HY Hanna, Mildred Abbott, Leighann Dobbs, and Shelly West.

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