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Online Courses: How to Create Freedom by Teaching Your Gift
Online Courses: How to Create Freedom by Teaching Your Gift

Online Courses: How to Create Freedom by Teaching Your Gift


4.70 (32 ratings)

"I can't believe I did this! How could I be so stupid? Why didn't I check it after I set it up? Why didn't I check it a week later? Why wasn't I checking it every week?"Thousands of dollars would be a big-but-not-crippling hit to the Morgan family finances. It would hurt, but it wouldn't put them out of a home. But even worse than the financial impact was the prospect of facing Mark and telling him what she had done."He's been supporting me for almost a year, and what am I bringing to the table? Nothing. Absolutely nothing."After a year of failed efforts, Amy felt defeated. With this cataclysmic screw-up, she felt humiliated. And she had no one to blame but herself.In this page-turning work of business fiction, best-selling author Danny Iny provides readers with a powerful and thought-provoking book centered on a the search for meaning, impact, and financial independence through the vehicle of an online business. And what he suggests is both simple and revolutionary.Amy, the aspiring online entrepreneur, is working against the clock to make her business a success, when disaster strikes. With her back against the proverbial wall, she doesn't know where or whom to turn to for advice. Her friends don't know more than she does, and her family doesn't understand what she's trying to do.Then an unlikely advisor, Kevin, literally crashes into Amy's world. When he challenges her assumptions and proposes an approach that feels radical and unlikely, Amy is just desperate enough to listen.In this book Iny provides a framework for his successful online entrepreneurship model, and makes it applicable in the real world. Online Courses is nothing short of a blueprint for aspiring online entrepreneurs who want to leverage their expertise to create impact, freedom, and wealth.


Dreary story with sexist undertones

I found this truly dreadful. The "story" was poorly written with ridiculously stilted dialogue, although his overall message of how to design an on-line course business was sound. The problem? His main character is a passive, anxiety-riddled woman who he doesn't allow to think for herself. The husband, the father, the son, the (male) business consultant had all the answers. How very 1950's. I don't recommend this to any savvy, modern woman. Or man frankly.

Danny knows how to write a compelling story

First of all Danny Iny is a class act. When I had questions about what I was reading he responded to me personally. Can you believe that, an author responding personally to a reader!? This is an easy to read and relatable story of what it takes to build an online business.

Roy Soliman
Surprisingly ill informed

Sad to see Iny thinks George Floyd was murdered when he overdosed on fentanyl and that Jan 6 was an insurrection when it was a protest that got a little out of hand where Ashli Babbit was the one who was murdered (without warning).

If he can’t get basic facts right, how can he have any credibility with the rest of the book?

Kirk Witzberger
A great, well-written business parable

If you are considering creating an online course or creating an online course business, there are lots of details and nuances that come into play, keep track of, and remember. This well-told story does a great job of helping the reader relate to the emotional state and struggles of the main character, and remembering a story, not a checklist, makes it easier to remember what it takes to be successful.

All the information you need in a relatable format

A modern day parable for anyone considering starting their own online business or even if you're well underway. A treasure trove of valuable insights, guidance and instruction all presented in a very relatable format. Having recently started my own online business I found myself totally relating to the confusion and challenges face by the main character as well as 'celebrating' many of the milestones she and I had crossed off our lists. This quick read offers a step by step guide to the entire start-up process, which many don't realize requires a baseline level of skill and competence, as well as a window into the vulnerability and risk it takes to put you reputation on the line when you venture out on your own. Highly recommended.

Brandy Chase
So relatable!

I enjoyed hearing about Amy's journey! It was a fun relatable spin on the online course building readings. Thanks Danny for bringing us back to remembering to ask for help and we aren't alone in trying and trying again. Thanks for this inpsiring read!

T Davis
A perfect book for people curious about starting an online course

This book is extremely readable. I started it with the intention of spending a few minutes on it, and found myself hooked in to the framework of the story right away. As someone who has worked to create an information product online, the story kept highlighting again and again the struggles that I have run into. Through creative storytelling it also explains the process by which you get unstuck.

This book is not intended to be a tactical manual for how to get started. It is a fantastic parable of how to prepare your mindset for starting online. If you've never started a business, or created a course, this is a great book to read to get yourself ready.

And it's easy to read! I recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting started online. Danny Iny's book is a great way to dip your toes in the water and see how it feels.

Amazon Customer
Must read if you are struggling in building your business

Excellent book. Easy to follow advice and honest.