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Once Upon a Kiss: A Medieval Romance
Once Upon a Kiss: A Medieval Romance

Once Upon a Kiss: A Medieval Romance


4.30 (217 ratings)

THE book that launched Avon's Romantic Treasures line, Once Upon a Kiss also received a 4 ½ Gold and a K.I.S.S. Award from RT Book Reviews and was a HISTORICAL ROMANCE OF THE YEAR Nominee.

She came to wed his brother… and stole the Dragon's heart.

To settle a feud, Dominique Beauchamp is prepared to sacrifice in order to heal their ravaged lands. Offered in marriage by her brother to the lord of Drakewich, she arrives to take the d'Lucy name ... never counting on losing her heart to the brother of her betrothed--the notorious Black Dragon.

Loyal to his brother unto death, Blaec d'Lucy mistrusts Dominique from the beginning, believing her to be part of her brother's endless perfidy, but he is powerless to resist the fiery vixen who rides so proudly into their midst... and their forbidden love is sealed ... once upon a kiss.


Karen Talley
Just fair

I purchased this book because of all the rave reviews, but felt a little let down. I prefer a story with more dialogue and interaction between the characters. Don't TELL me the story...SHOW me! The total sadness of most of the characters became too much. The story just seemed to drag on and on. And, I had questions at the end that were not answered. For instance, why the religious, celibate brother who wanted to enter the priesthood would open his eyes and immediately want to have sex with his caretaker. It just didn't make sense to me. I certainly would not call this a bad book, just not the right one for me.

Sexual situations (with a lot of incestuous thoughts!) may offend some readers

Kindle Customer
Exciting stuff

This is one of the best love stories I have enjoyed reading. All three stories in this series have been exceptionally good but this is my favorite.

Typical Romance for the Time

Overall, a well-written romance that is a product of what publishers demanded from their authors at the time of its publication. Unfortunately, this results in a sameness across the available romance novels for that decade. It is happening again now as publishers try to please their market.

The story is fast moving and sticks to the romantic aspects. The heroine runs on her emotions. No matter what is happening with her, her emotions are at high tide -- whether it's sharing a trencher, being kissed in the woodland, seeing the hero she wants to detest, or being pursued in the forest -- her adrenaline is always about to keel her over. You may feel tired just trying to keep up with her overwhelming feelings!

The editing is exceptional for an ebook -- ENJOY!

Amazon Carolyn
A might-have-been

Great idea for a wonderful story; and yet the author could get ante out of bed to be heroic. Big disappointment

Elusive Twins

Good read . Plot well developed. Interesting relationship between identical twins. Colorful description of main characters. Easily read in short time.

Good read, exciting

Good book, grabs you from the get-go to the last page. I would recommend this book. I wish there would've been another chapter or an epilogue, but still a good read

Amazon Customer
Not my cup of tea

The book started off good but for my taste it felt short, too much cursing and profanity when taking the name of God in vain at that time was considered a sacrilege and specially when the brother was supposed to have a calling for the church. The female lead was too stupid and ignorant for my taste. I think it also felt short in the romance as well, too much lust and not much romance

Well written and completely believeable

Although sometimes predictable, this was one of my favorite genres to read when I don't want to have to think too hard. The characters and situations were consistent and it's nice to pretend that love conquers all. I highly recommend this book and thank the author and KU for putting it out there for readers like me to enjoy.

"Brotherly" Love!

Delightful medievil romance.







A twisted love adds an unusual element to this tale involving a beautiful maiden, her brother, twin brothers, and greed for a grand castle estate.