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Obvious Parenting: Seven Simple Keys to Supporting Wellness
Obvious Parenting: Seven Simple Keys to Supporting Wellness

Obvious Parenting: Seven Simple Keys to Supporting Wellness

by and

5.00 (8 ratings)

You may be wondering what is so obvious about parenting? With all the expectations we place on ourselves and all the information and opinions floating around, parenting seems far from obvious. In fact, more often than not, parenting, or the just the thought of parenting, can feel downright overwhelming. Well I have good news! Parenting may not be easy, but it can be obvious. We just have to get back to the basics. Our number one job as parents is to raise healthy, happy, confident, safe and fun-loving human beings. And all we need to make this happen are seven simple keys to supporting their wellness. These keys open our thoughts and actions to prevention, and the sooner we practice prevention, the more powerful it is.As a pediatric physician assistant and parent of two wonderful (in my humble opinion) children, I have found that the majority of pediatric books only talk about how to treat or react to a problem instead of focusing on supporting wellness and prevention. Our fast-paced culture, with its endless pressure tokeep up with the Joneses, has caused significant stress on our society, health care system and the environment. By being intentional with wellness throughout all stages of life, the world will be a less stressful place for you, your family and society.Supporting wellness requires a holistic approach toward parenting. We must focus on our body, mind, spirit and also the environment we live in. Each of the seven universal keys discussed in this book is connected to the next. By unlocking one area of wellness, we make it easier to unlock the rest. For example, by exercising on a regular basis (second key) we are able to sleep better (fourth key), have an improved mental state (third key), and reduce the risk of injury by building strength and coordination (sixth key). Fortunately, this works for parents as well as the children they are raising.You are on an incredible journey that will be filled with joys and challenges. These seven keys will provide a strong framework to ensure that wellness permeates your life and the life of your children.


Amazon Customer
Practical common sense parenting.

This book is full of excellent advice. The explanations are easy to read and understand. It is a simple practical guide to parenting.

A must have book for any parents

A refreshing retreat back to common sense parenting. This book was a great reminder on how to keep grounded in a world of excess information. I truly appreciate the Author's expertise and logic.

Easy to read and concise valuable information!

With all of the parenting books to choose from, this book takes the cake with its concise and easy to follow material. It’s a quick read that touches on everything from pregnancy to adolescents, encompassing topics like spirituality, nutrition, sleep and even social media. This is a must read, especially for new parents!

Adrianna Ukaj
Great Guide

Although I am not a parent, this book is OBVIOUSLY awesome. Ben clearly lays out how no matter what you want for your child your intentions are always good and guides you on how to beat support your child throughout different stages of their growth. I will definitely keep this handy for if and when I have children. Well written and just a great reassuring book.

Parenting Guidance

I loved this informative, easy to navigate, straight to the point idea of parenting. There are so many parenting books out there, that it can be, and is so overwhelming. I love this quick reference idea to parenting as a WHOLE, in every aspect of parenting, and stage of childhood/tweens/teens. It is such great, thoughtful information, and I highly recommend it!

Wonderful Parenting Resource

What a wonderful, refreshing parenting resource. As a new parent, this book put parenting and life into perspective and highlights the important “obvious” parts of parenting and life that can get lost in our busy days. This book is open minded and matter of fact. It brings things back to the basics of happiness, health, gratitude, and prevention. It is very helpful in finding a good base as a parent. It is also well organized and easy to follow and flip to pertinent sections. I will definitely be rereading the teen section when my daughter is older. I would recommend this to all parents- young and old for the health of their children and themselves!

Amazon Customer
Supporting your obvious in parenting

Good nutrition guide for the whole family. Like the quick and general support ideas of parenting in all areas. Good guide through childhood. Great references for further help.

Meg Harline
Ideas for Raising Healthy and Well Adjusted Children

Obvious Parenting is a straightforward, idea generating road map that focuses on preventative medicine as a means to raise healthy and well adjusted children. It discusses seven general areas that parents can focus their energy to help their children develop healthy lifestyles from the inside out. The book then gives specific ideas of what to address in these seven areas depending on the developmental stage of the child including pregnancy, infancy, toddlerhood and adolescence. As a mother and pediatrician, I found this book a great reminder of the lifestyle choices I should be teaching my children through example. The pearls of wisdom discussed within the book really resonated with me as it stripped wise parenting down to the basics. The information is helpful, but not overwhelming. It is a great read and easy reference for all stages of development! Every parent and caregiver of children should have this book in their library!