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4.80 (271 ratings)

Outback horseman Lane Dimity is one of the most powerful social media personalities on the planet. Although unable to speak since the tragedy that took place on his eighth birthday, his words reach out across the world, changing lives. When he learns that more than a thousand stallions have been bred by the U.S. pharmaceutical company, The heir to Pilatos, Karen Lawford, will do everything in her power to stop him.

Pilatos has gambled its future on the revolutionary drug, and the genetically unique stallions are needed to produce it...and there are no limits to what Pilatos will do to ensure Lane doesn’t interfere. It is only when Karen learns the shocking truth of what lies at the heart of the laboratories that there’s any chance of change, but is it too late for Lane? Sometimes, you only learn how much you love someone once you lose them.


Krista M
Loved it

A beautiful love story, not just between man & woman but between humans & horses. Full of rich characters both lovable & detestable - I wanted to be alongside them as they had their adventures. I never cry at books but this one brought on a few tears

Hollie Bell Schinzing

By far one of the best books I have read lately!

Thought provoking

This is an excellent book! I love books that suck me in and this one definitely grabbed me the get and hauled me in.

I don’t know anything about the author, but all of the references to horses pulled at me making want go see back in my life so I could enjoy them as the lead male character Lane in the book does.

Amazing book.

Amazing book, I loved every minute of it, except for the ending-which was abrupt. I would have liked to discover the secrets within the story. Some commenters couldn’t stomach the beginning, if they’d ever lived on a ranch, they would understand

Loved it!

One has to love a horse whisperer! And we love to hate the heads of pharmaceutical firms. The characters are well done, with mystery and plot twists to keep you turning pages. Horse lovers don't want to miss this one. Plus it's a beautiful love story!

Amazon Customer
What a terrific story!

I just don't know what to say about this book other than I loved it. The characters are so believable at first I thought this might not be fiction. I was very apprehensive that it would not end well but oh was I wrong.

Lisa Markley

Excellent read if you can go on after first few pages... it really stopped me in my tracks with understanding but taken back too..

MsKaren 46
Fantastic book!!!!

This book is not to be missed. You have to read the prolouge to get the gist of this wonderful amazing book. A silent voice that changed the world. Karen and Lane are fantastic in the book. They take you on a ride that is happy & sad. It meant alot to me as I had "selective mutism" as a young person. The stallions in the book made you cry and be happy. It takes you on a wonderful, exciting and sometimes sad journey with Karen and Lane.. I plan to read it again.. BUY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT.... Leanne Owens is a fantastic author and person.

Amazon Customer
Characters you will love

Best book in years!! So sorry for it to end. What an impressive cast of characters. I will definitely be buying this author's books.