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Murder & the Rock Star
Murder & the Rock Star

Murder & the Rock Star


4.40 (209 ratings)

It’s Saturday night and tearoom owner Jesse Camden is finally having her first real date with the hunky sheriff Joe Tyler—and it’s going great until a drunk blonde stirs up a fight on the dance floor that then continues into the parking lot and forces Joe into his role as sheriff.

Early the next morning one of the combatants is found dead in a local B&B, and Jesse is drawn into the mystery when the drunk blonde turns out to be young rock star and hometown darling Chrissy Blaze, who has close ties to half the Garden Club, including Jesse’s mother Sophia.

Soon, the investigation is awash with suspects, all with a reason to want the victim dead. Unfortunately, Chrissy quickly becomes suspect number one. And as old secrets and new rumors begin to swirl, Jesse struggles to separate fact from fiction, friend from foe, and victim from predator in a murder steeped in deception.


Fun read.....

I thought this was one of the best in the series. The. Plot was good. A surprise ending. Nice to see Jessie's love interest progressing. Can't wait for the next one.

interesting mystery

I would recommend this book to the casual reader of light mysteries. just not as interesting as previous books in the series and couldn't get to care about the characters.

Pretty good book to read.

It was a book that anyone could read. I would recommend this book. I think is is a book to be by teens or adults.

Momma T of T town.
Great read

Wonderful....this really was a cliff hanger! Never would have dreamed of who committed the murder this time! On to book seven and I believe its the final one in the series! What a shame!

Patricia Kenworthy
Enjoyed Again!

I always enjoy the actions of these characters!
This one was cool because it's the beginning of the sheriff and the coffeeshop owner working together!

Sue Fairchild
Like most cozy mysteries

This was a decent cozy mystery even though I feel like I had it figured out early on in the story.

Murder and the Rock Star

I found this book really boring!! I did speed reading thru out!! Not interested in any more books by this author!!!

A easy gentle murder mystery.

There is so much involved in these murder mystery 's besides the victim. The surrounding characters are of mostly very kind souled people who make this story such a nice read.